‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Shares Adorable Photo of Husband Willie and Grandson

by Quentin Blount

Is it just us over here at Outsider or does Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson seem to have the perfect family?

Make no mistake about it — the Duck Dynasty family seems to practically grow by the day. Do you know who is right at the head of the family? That would be Korie Robertson and her husband Willie. Now one of America’s most famous couples, they first become popular while starring in Duck Dynasty from 2012 to 2017.

And you can even argue that since the show ended, the Robertson family has become even more popular. Millions of fans across the country — and even across the globe — do their best to keep up with the Robertson’s and their children. Those include Rebecca, John Luke, Sadie, Will Jr., Bella, and Rowdy. Let’s just take Korie for example — she currently has more than 2 million followers on Instagram alone.

Speaking of Instagram, it was there on her official account where she posted a new photo of her husband holding one of his grandkids. Both of the boys are all smiles in the photo. Check it out down below:

“Lookin good boys,” Korie captioned the adorable snap.

As for Duck Dynasty fans, you can bet your bottom dollar that they were loving Korie Robertson’s picture of Willie and their grandson.

“Aww,” one fan replied. “Willie Looks so happy holding that grandbaby!”

“So sweet,” a second fan said. “Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without kids.”

One of Korie’s daughters, Rebecca Robertson, even chimed in on the comments section as well.

“Sharp dressed men!!” she said.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family is Only Getting Bigger with Time

If you follow Duck Dynasty as closely as we do over here at Outsider, then you know one thing is for certain. There is nothing more important to them than family.

And as we mentioned above, it really is beginning to feel like Korie and Willie Robertson are gaining new grandbabies by the day. Of course, it was Rebecca and her husband who were the first to make Korie and Willie grandparents. However, it didn’t take long for the other Robertson kids to follow in her footsteps.

Next in line for kids was John Luke and his wife Mary Kate. They welcomed a son of their own, John Shepherd, into the world back in October of 2019. Since that time, they have also welcomed a daughter in Ella Kathryn. That was just earlier this year in April.

And finally, there is Sadie Robertson. The Duck Dynasty star gave birth to her first child with her husband Christian Huff back in May of this year. Her name is Honey James.

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