‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson ‘Can’t Get Over’ Granddaughter Honey’s Cuteness

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared a series of photos with her “Christmas angel” who just so happens to be her adorable granddaughter.

The Robertson family has been blessed with two new members of the family this year so far. Willie and Korie Robertson‘s son, John Luke, and his wife welcomed their second child in April. The following month, her daughter, Sadie, and her husband welcomed their first baby to the world, Honey James Huff. Further, Korie and Willie’s foster daughter, Rebecca, and her husband are expecting their second baby, which is due on Christmas Day.

The proud grandmother got to spend time with Honey earlier today and posted a series of three photos of her. Two of the pics show Sadie’s little girl wearing a green, red, and white Christmas dress and sitting in a white chair. The checkered dress is adorned with a Christmas tree, candy canes, and a holiday wreath. Her mother also added a matching bow atop her daughter’s head to compliment the outfit.

Of course, Korie made sure to add a third picture of herself sharing a moment with her granddaughter. She’s lifting Honey up as they both smile for the camera while outside. Korie posted a sweet message on Instagram along with the pics. She also shared the Bible verse Titus‬ ‭3:4-7‬, which was read at their Christmas service this morning.

“Can’t get over this little Christmas angel in all her cuteness this morning,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram. “We read this verse in Titus this morning in our Christmas service. And I don’t think there are any more beautiful words written or a more incredible happening than this… Merry Christmas.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reminds Fans of ‘What Christmas Is All About’

Earlier this week, the Duck Dynasty reality TV star was spending time with Honey once again, and thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. With the holiday quickly approaching, Korie Robertson shared the “quick reminder” for her more than two million Instagram followers. With many getting bogged down by the hectic holiday season, Korie had some thoughts to pass on.

“We celebrate not because Santa is coming, but because Jesus came!” the Duck Dynasty star began her post.

She went on to say that they “decorate trees, string lights, cook a ridiculous amount of food and eat Christmas cookies.” However, it isn’t to impress others, it’s about spending time and creating memories with our loved ones.

“In these next two weeks take time to stop and remember what this season is all about and then go celebrate the good news that Jesus Christ was a baby in a manger and He came for you and for me,” Korie concluded her post.