‘Duck Dynasty’: Korie Robertson Is ‘Finishing up 2021’ with Appreciation for Her Parents on Their 50th Anniversary

by Quentin Blount

Korie Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty family are celebrating the end of the year and her parents’ 50th anniversary at the same time.

Where else would you expect to find the Duck Dynasty family as we get ready for the new year? Besides spending time with each other, of course. If you follow them as closely as we do here at Outsider, then one thing should be abundantly clear to you by now: nothing is more important than family.

By all accounts, 2021 has been a magical year for Korie Robertson and the rest of her big family. She watched as her youngest daughter, Bella, got married, she welcomed in new grandbabies, and now, she is celebrating her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

“Happy New Years Eve!! Finishing up 2021 on here with an appreciation post for my amazing parents!” Robertson wrote on Instagram. “Our fam has been celebrating all week in Disney for their 50th wedding anniversary they took the whole fam (it’s where they honeymooned the first year it opened, go see her page for hippie honeymoon pics from 1971 @chryshoward @johnhoward_7”

“Thankful that they said yes on that day so long ago and continue to say yes every single day! They are creating this beautiful legacy and I am so thankful for getting all of the blessings of their faithfulness!”

Korie’s mom, Chrys Howard, even stopped by the comments section to leave a message.

“Loved our crazy, exhausting, super fun MAGICAL celebration!!” she said.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says the Good Things in Life Are ‘Never Easy’

Just going through the pictures, you can tell that this is a family that genuinely loves one another. But planning a trip like that wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

“This week was so much fun,” Korie said, “but also I know they put in a lot of hard work to get here. Here to 50 years of marriage and here to @disney planning a trip for that many people is no joke, lots of obstacles were overcome, everything didn’t go as planned, we’re all sore from walking those 25,000 steps a day. I was thinking about how all of the good things in life are never really easy are they? They all take hard work and pushing through the setbacks.”

She signed off with a motivational message for all of her loyal fans and followers.

“Hope you go into 2022 knowing that it’s okay if it’s hard, just on the other side of that, and sometimes even in the midst of it, if you stick with it, you just might find the happiest place on earth. And even if life on this earth doesn’t deliver, we are promised something even greater in eternity. Hang in there, friends!! With love and gratefulness going into 2022.”