‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Tells Sweet Story About Seeing Her Son ‘Become the Sweetest Dad’

by Emily Morgan

Korie Robertson loves seeing her family thrive. On Wednesday, the “Duck Dynasty” alum gushed over her son as he “becomes the sweetest dad.”

“He loves his daddy!!! Everyone’s been commenting on Shep’s cute curls lately. He looked up at @johnluke_robertson and said “you have have hair like me, Daddy,” she wrote with an emoji. “I love these two so much! Nothing better than seeing your son become the sweetest dad!”

As fans of the reality TV show know, John Luke is the eldest son of Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson. Korie often gushes about John Luke on her social media, such as when she posted about him for his birthday back in October. At the time, she reflected on seeing her son grow up with a sweet social media message.

“Happy Birthday @johnluke_robertson,” the “Duck Dynasty” star began her Instagram post in honor of her firstborn child.

She also explained how having her son changed her life forever. “Twenty-six years ago you made my dreams come true by making me a mom …” she sweetly penned.

Korie Robertson gushes over watching her son become a proud dad

She also shared how proud she is of John Luke becoming a devoted father. “… now I’m still living the dream getting to watch you be an absolutely amazing Dad!! Life is super sweet and good like that!!!”

She then continued her sweet birthday tribute to her oldest child. “I love everything about you, and love seeing what God is doing in your life every single day. You know I’m always learning from you, laughing with you and of course, always cheering you on.”

Korie concluded her post by wishing her son all the best. “Praying that 26 is a really good one!! I love you!!” she shared.

In other “Duck Dynasty” news, Robertson is riding high after a European family vacation. She and several of her daughters, her son-in-law, Christian, and even her granddaughter Honey, were along for the ride.

On Sunday morning, Korie shared an Instagram post with a series of pics for her trip. “Happily back home and about to head to church, but had to document Copenhagen here…We loved this place so much!!” she wrote. “The sun sets at 11:30 pm and rises at 3:30 am this time of year so we had the most beautiful loonngg days and we did it all…”

In the post, she also wrote about “breakfast and dinner with friends, a boat ride on the canals, tattoos all around, castle tours, saw some of Christian’s long lost relatives, Tivoli Gardens (twice), rode the rides, saw the introduction of the teams for the Tour de France (so cool) lost my phone (which is why I’m just now posting, lol) lots of walking, delicious food, beautiful museums, great coffee, all with some of my favorite people, Honey, did it all, and was so much fun to be with!”

She also dubbed Honey “The best little traveler!!” However, she admitted that she’s ready to “celebrate our country and it’s Independence Day! Y’all know I love to travel, but there’s no place like home.”