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‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Has Some Advice on Navigating Cancel Culture

by Hunter Miller
IOWA CITY, IA - JANUARY 31 : Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson speaks about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz during a campaign event at the Johnson County Fairgrounds January 31, 2016 inIowa City, Iowa. Cruz is campaigning across the state on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s massively popular series “Duck Dynasty,” is offering his take on social issues in the United States. In his latest post on social media, Robertson sounds off on “cancel culture.”

On Tuesday evening, the 75-year-old professional hunter took to Instagram to promote his new series, “Your Daily Phil.” However, in the caption, he offers advice for how he believes folks can avoid falling victim to “cancel culture.”

In the video, Phil’s son, Al Robertson, does all the talking. Al informs fans on the latest about “Your Daily Phil,” as well as how they can get their hands on his new book.

But in the caption is where Duck Commander offers his thoughts. He writes: “The mob will try to cancel you. The evil one will try to cancel you. Walk with Jesus, and you can’t be canceled. Not ever.”

This is far from Robertson’s first time taking shots at popularized American culture. In an episode of his In the Woods series back in July, the reality star unleashed on our society calling much of what he sees “pathetic.”

“I’m looking at our culture right now and I just shake my head and I think ‘pathetic,’” he said. “There’s no right or wrong. The prisons are just brimming, just overflowing. There ain’t no right or wrong. ‘I haven’t done anything bad. I mean, he had plenty of money, he’s not going to miss the few dollars I stole from him.’”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson on ‘Behavior’ in America

As his fans know well, Robertson is no stranger to offering his thoughts on any number of subjects. Earlier this month, he spoke out about the “ungodly behavior in America.”

In a brief video, Robertson voiced his opinion that the country would be better off if more folks turned to faith. “I’m looking at the behavior of the United States of America, and I’m like ‘What in the world? Come on America.’ I’m almost to the point of beggin’ them,” he says in the clip.

Robertson continues by adding: “I didn’t see him, I just hear that they did. I believe it. Faith comes from hearing the message, the message that saves you. The person, Jesus, came down to save you – from your sin, and from the grave for crying out loud. You want eternity? Well, here it is.”

While many of his social media posts are devoted to speaking out about his faith and addressing societal issues, Robertson also took time recently to give his wife, Miss Kay, a special shout-out. Last week, he shared a touching note from her and explained the significance of it. Check out the video here.