‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Rebecca Robertson Welcomes Second Child With Husband John Reed Loflin

by Hannah Heser

Rebecca Robertson is a mother again. The “Duck Dynasty” star shared the news with her fans in a recent Instagram post. She and her husband, John Reed Loflin, recently welcomed their second child on December 24.

There is nothing more magical than a Christmas baby. It seems like John and Rebecca are ready for this new chapter with their second bundle of joy.

Many of the Robertson children are now parents themselves. Sadie and Rebecca both have children of their own. And their journey is not over yet as the sisters admit they will eventually have more kids. Before the arrival of her second child, Rebecca had her first back in January of 2019.

Rebecca Robertson and John Loflin’s Exciting Christmas Gift

Robertson’s announcement on Instagram a day ago left fans excited. It read as follows: “Hi world, Meet Holland Lo Loflin. Our little Christmas miracle.”

While going through the slideshow, you will see fans congratulating the couple on their newest addition to the family.

For instance, one comment read: “Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful!!!” while another said, “Oh my word!! We love her so much already! She’s adorable!”

While it’s nothing but excitement now, Rebecca has went through some tough times in her journey to motherhood. The reality star mourned the loss of an unborn child last year. According to USMagazine, the former “Duck Dynasty” star had a miscarriage last year.

“I actually found out I was pregnant a while back, we were ecstatic because we had planned on growing our family for quite some time now,” Robertson shared on Instagram last November. “We kept it a secret so we could surprise our family with this exciting news during the holidays. But when I woke up on October 29th that morning, I knew something was wrong. So I went to the doctor to find out I had suffered an early miscarriage. Fortunately, it happened so early in the pregnancy that I never saw an ultrasound. So that was easier for us to soak in.”

But Instagram also became a place to announce joy as well. She announced in July this year that she was expecting another baby due in December. And little did she know it would be a Christmas baby.

The Journey From Taiwan to the Robertson Family

As some of you know, Rebecca Robertson was born in Taiwan and traveled to the United States as an exchange student. During the “Duck Dynasty” show, Korie and Willie Robertson decided to adopt Rebecca, which makes her the oldest daughter in the family. They knew from the start that she would make a perfect addition to the Robertson crew.

They fell in love with her then and continue to every day.