‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson Huff is Making Major Moves with New Launch

by Shelby Scott

Sadie Robertson is one busy mama, and she just proved that with the announcement of her latest endeavor. In an Instagram post, the young mom announced the launch of her new line of water bottles and tumblers, called the Sadie x Simple Modern collection.

The line features a collection of, well, simply decorated water bottles primarily, done up in gentle pastel colors and boasting simple messages of life and love. In her post, she hopes the new line “spread[s] hope and life to those around you.”

In her post, Robertson also takes the time to emphasize that each and every one of you Outsiders matter.

Sadie Robertson’s followers shared their love for the product and excitement for her new launch in the comments below the post.

“[T]his is my fave water bottle brand,” wrote one follower. “Divine.”

“I love these,” wrote another of Robertson’s followers.

Overall, it appears the star is about to see some major love following the launch of her new line.

Sadie Robertson Shares Beautiful Message for Daughter Honey

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff’s infant daughter Honey frequently sees a lot of love on the “Duck Dynasty” star’s social media pages. Most recently, the little girl was included as a part of the family’s church baby dedication, which Robertson said, “was so special.”

As faithful believers, Sadie Robertson and her husband shared beautiful photos of Honey James in her teeny white outfit which she boasted during the church dedication.

However, even more beautiful and captivating than the little girl’s outfit and smile was Robert’s message to her daughter.

In it, she wrote, “Honey James you are going to do great things…Your light will be able to shine in the darkest places.” While these lines are simply the central message of the star’s post, you can check out the full length message here.

Honey James is ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s ‘Angel’

As Outsiders can clearly tell from Sadie Robertson’s regular posts gushing about her daughter Honey and her life as a mom, things seem to be going well for the former “Duck Dynasty” star. Like many new moms, Robertson has taken to motherhood with ease, and fans have quickly developed a love for the reality star’s new role, as well as the center of that role.

While we know Sadie Robertson and the rest of her family are devoutly religious, Robertson often extends biblical references to her sweet daughter.

An earlier Instagram post saw Sadie Robertson cradling the little baby on her shoulder, simply captioning the photo, “Just a picture of me holding an angel.”

As a mama myself, I can definitely relate to the sentiment and wish nothing but the best for the fellow family of three.