‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Sweet Throwback Pic for Parents’ 30th Anniversary

by Quentin Blount

How about instead of Throwback Thursday we do a Throwback Tuesday? Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is taking us back in honor of her parents’ 30th wedding anniversary.

We always knew that the Robertson family was undeniably good-looking. However, Sadie Robertson is reminding us all just how adorable her parents were back in their younger days. The 24-year-old took to her official Instagram on Tuesday to wish her parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, a happy 30th wedding anniversary.

“30 YEARS and you two have changed the world forever :)” Sadie wrote alongside an old photo of her parents. “Your love is so beautiful! Y’all show off the beauty of God’s love, grace, and power through the way that you love each other and our family!”

As you can imagine, Sadie was definitely fortunate to be one of Korie and Willie’s children. Both have had extremely successful careers, and have helped raise Sadie and her siblings to be successful as well.

“Thankful to have y’all as parents and some of the greatest friends!” she said. “Happy anniversary! Cheers to 30 more.”

But she couldn’t sign off on the post without making us all laugh.

“P.s. I request sometime in the next 30 years dad bringing back the baby face dimples and mom busting out the cactus ear rings.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Are Loving Throwback of Korie and Willie

It’s hard to remember the last time we saw an old snap of Willie and Korie Robertson. But every once in a while, a member of the family will grace us with one on social media. Whenever they do, fans always love to see it.

“You got your Daddy’s WHOLE face!” one fan replied.

Sadie’s mom, Korie, stopped by to leave a comment as well.

“Aww! Love this! Love you. Dad still has his dimples, just wish I still had those cactus earrings.”

Sadie just got back from the 2022 Passion Conference. She was there with her husband, Christian Huff, and the two helped deliver powerful testimony to college-aged students from across the nation.

After the event came to an end, Huff took to social media to express how proud he is of Sadie.

“It’s always hard to put into words an experience like Passion because there are so many emotions to process. First off, I am so proud of this girl for always speaking the truth of God’s word so boldly and compassionately.”