‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shares New Pic Looking Nearly Identical To Sister Bella

by Quentin Blount

Another day, another Instagram post from Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson. Once again, she is proving that family is everything.

She just has a way with words, doesn’t she? Sadie Robertson Huff is a daughter, a sister, and a mother. But let’s focus on that second one for a second. There is no denying just how close Sadie, 24, is with her youngest sibling, Bella, 19. They have risen to fame together, watched each other get married, and still hang out on what seems like a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, Sadie and Bella are so close that many people mistake them for twins. Although, it probably doesn’t help that they have an extremely similar sense of style in addition to looking alike. On Sunday, Sadie took to social media to post a hilariously adorable picture which makes us all wonder whether or not they really are twins.

“1. We didn’t plan our outfits together 2. We didn’t mean to pose the same 3. We aren’t twins 4. We would like to kindly ask the world to keep slick back hair in style forever because it saves us both a good 20 min in the morning. 5. Even if it doesn’t stay in style I will probably continue to milk it forever.”

Check out the photo down below:

Bella even made her way to the comments section where she left a message for her older sister. She left a comment saying, “BESTIE.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Loving the Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Meanwhile, other fans on Instagram are most definitely are in agreement when it comes to the slicked-back hairstyle. Not only do they love the look on Sadie and Bella Robertson, but it’s a go-to hairstyle for many of them as well.

“You guys are so cute! Love your slicked hair!” one fan said.

“Cuties!! Already planning on sleeping a little longer tomorrow due to a slick back bun,” admitted a second fan.

Sadie replied to that message saying, “It’s the best hahahaha.”

“Slick back 90s hair never going out of style,” another follower wrote.

And finally, one person said what so many others were thinking.

“We NEED a hair tutorial!! PLEASE!”

We know that neither Sadie nor Bella are shy when it comes to posting on social media. So, if we’re lucky, maybe they will read all of their comments and give the fans the hair tutorial they are all craving so badly.

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