‘Duck Dynasty’: Sadie Robertson’s Family All Showed Up to Church ‘Understanding the Assignment’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Greg Doherty/WireImage)

Matching whether planned or accidental is fun. Perhaps, though, it is more fun when it is accidental. Accidental to the point that when you arrive at a destination and you find the person you were there to meet is matching with you, you can’t help but laugh and enjoy the moment. It’s funny how life can work sometimes, isn’t it? Well, it happened with the Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her mother, Outsiders. Hilariously enough, Sadie Robertson’s family all showed up to church wearing matching outfits.

Small world, isn’t it?

Sadie took to her personal Instagram to share the hilarious moment with a few pictures and a caption that read, “when you all show up to church understanding the assignment any other family show up to church all unintentionally matching?”

Fans loved the post and the hilarious message behind it. One user commented, “Hehehe love when this happens! And your stories today are on point sis. We need to, in love, admonish and encourage other believers to not hide their light when it comes to sharing on social media.”

Another user wrote, “For awhile, my whole family would walk out of our rooms dressed in the same colors and or pattern”.

Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ The Writer

Sadie Robertson starred on the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty. However, did you know the former reality star was also a writer in her own right?

She recently talked about how she got into writing where she said, “No, not at all. My writing actually started because I would get really nervous while speaking on stage. I wasn’t able to get everything out that I wanted to say, so I started writing down all of my thoughts in a journal. Once I started journaling my writing became motivational speeches and those speeches led me to capturing all of my journaling into my first book, Live Original.”

It started as simply journaling for Sadie and it expanded from there. Journaling can be quite powerful for folks and is a good way to find your voice in writing.

She continued, “When the idea first came to me of writing a fiction book, I honestly felt lost. I had lots of ideas but wasn’t sure where to start. I decided that it would be best to start off by writing about my life. I thought about my life before Duck Dynasty and my life now. I realized that I was describing two different people. Their differences were so strong that at first they didn’t see eye to eye, but eventually, they came together as one to make each other better.”

Sadie Robertson starred on Duck Dynasty until the show concluded in 2017.