‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Makes ‘Significant Find’ on Metal Detector Hunt

by Keeli Parkey

“Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson is definitely a guy who likes to have fun. As fans of the reality television show are well aware, he especially enjoys having a good time in the great outdoors.

When you think about Jase Robertson – and most of the members of his family, for that matter – one of the pictures that come to your mind is most likely an image of them dressed in camouflage with guns in tow. They are out there to bag as many ducks – or frogs or squirrels or almost anything else – as possible. For example, Jase’s brother, Willie Robertson recently bagged a massive caribou during a hunt in Alaska.

Jase, however, has taken up another form of hunting. And he doesn’t have to have a gun to do it. See, this “Duck Dynasty” star also enjoys heading out and looking for valuable items with his metal detector in the great outdoors.

He recently showcased a small, but unique haul, from a metal hunting excursion on social media. “Only one significant find today but it was a great one,” Jase Robertson shared.

So, what did he find? The “Duck Dynasty” alum reported that he found an “1853 silver quarter.”

According to Coin Trackers, an 1853 silver quarter can be worth around $36 if it is in average condition. However, should the coin be in mint condition, it could be worth more than $5,800. There were more than 15 million of these coins produced. These coins consisted of 90 percent silver. They did not have a mint mark.

Unsurprisingly, Jase Robertson chose to proudly display his unique find on Instagram. You can check out the photo below.

According to one Instagram follower of this “Duck Dynasty” star, his “significant find” has inspired her husband. “I just showed my husband this and he looked and me and said ‘see, that’s why I need a metal detector.'”

“Always great when you can get seated silver,” another fan shared. Robertson’s found coin also reminded one fan about an episode of “Duck Dynasty.” “Yay! Hi Jase!! Remember that episode with Uncle Si and his metal detector lol I’ve been stuck watching and rewatching ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Love yall and say hi to the whole family. And a hugs (sic) and kisses to Miss Kay and Phil,” this follower also shared.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Also Takes Friends Along on Metal Detector Hunts

“Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson also goes out with friends on metal detector hunts. And before they began their work in August, they decided to take a moment to pause for prayer.

In July, he showcased another small, but significant item he found while out with his metal detector. This item appeared to be a 1920 Walking Liberty half-dollar silver coin. The value of such a coin can begin at around $11. It could even reach as high as $2,600.

Maybe will all should get ourselves metal detectors and go hunting.