‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Tells Wild Story of Finding ‘Human Body in the Road’

by Quentin Blount

If you think you’ve heard all of the crazy Duck Dynasty stories from the guys over the years, think again. Jase Robertson has a wild one to share.

Most of you Outsiders already know Jase Robertson. He and the rest of the Robertson family rose to national fame thanks to their popular A&E show, Duck Dynasty. The show first premiered back in 2012 and aired until 2018. You may recall that Jase is also a co-host of the Unashamed podcast with Phil and Al Robertson.

It was in the latest episode of Unashamed that Jase told a story that will make your mouth drop to the floor.

“I get a phone call at 4:45, which is unusual because most people are sleeping,” Jase recalled. “Well, it’s [Jay] Stone. I’m wondering — I’m thinking he’s overslept and he’s gonna be late. ‘Cause, that’s really the only time you get that call.”

“I say, ‘Yeah?’ and he says, ‘Watch out for that body in the middle of the road.'”

So, how would you respond to that? As for Jase Robertson, he was as confused as you probably would be if you got the same call.

“So, I said, ‘What kind of body?’ And he said, ‘Human!'”

Jase Robertson posted the wild conversation on Instagram with the caption, “It’s not every day you find a human body in the road.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Investigates the Body in the Road

Jase Robertson had been driving for a while and still hadn’t seen anything. But sure enough, before too long he saw something in the road.

“I thought, ‘Well, that can’t be a human body, it’s too big.’ And it was in the middle of the road.”

After easing around the body in the road, Jase said he felt a moment of compassion. He got out to check on the body. From what he remembers, the man was barefoot and wearing pajama pants. But as far as Jase could tell, he didn’t look wounded.

“I thought this body was dead ’cause it was face down in the asphalt with arms outstretched. I’m thinking somebody has wither dumped this body or hit this body. But I see no blood. I see no wound.”

Eventually, Jay Stone turned around and met back up with Jase. He decided to call 9-1-1. As that was happening, Jase says he got the idea to shout really loud and see if the man moved.

“I hollered and I mean loud,” he said. “When I hollered, Jay went, ‘There’s movement!'”

“So then the guy puts his arms behind him, and I noticed his position — it’s the handcuff position. I said, ‘He thinks we’re the law.’ That made me think he’s probably been up to no good.”