‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson’s Wife Reveals Stunning Photos from Greece Vacation

by Keeli Parkey

Recently, Jase and Missy Robertson, two members of the “Duck Dynasty” family left their native Louisiana for a visit to a country half a world away.

According to a recent social media post by Missy, she and her husband traveled to Greece. While they were there, they met some interesting people and took in the beauty of the country many people view as the place where Western Civilization began.

While they had fun during their recent trip, the “Duck Dynasty” stars didn’t travel there just to have fun. They also traveled to Greece with another purpose in mind.

“We spent the last week in Greece. No, not on an exciting island tour or soaking up the sun on the Aegean Sea,” Missy posted on Instagram.

Instead, Jase and Missy Robertson visited the country’s capital, which also happens to be its largest city. “We were in the city center of Athens, a population of over 6,000,000 people,” Missy also shared.

Athens was not a place where the “Duck Dynasty” alum found much to enjoy. “I must admit that it’s the dirtiest, stinkiest city I’ve ever traveled,” Missy wrote.

What Missy did love about her visit to Athens was getting to know a few of the people who have come to call the city their home.

“But we witnessed the most beautiful scene imaginable: open hearts. Here, these refugees from Iran and Afghanistan fled oppressive regimes and risked their lives and the lives of their families for what they believed was freedom, but they soon learned that real freedom is in Jesus Christ, no matter where you live! Their stories are incredible!” the “Duck Dynasty” star also shared.

In addition to sharing details about their trip to Greece, “Duck Dynasty’s” Missy Robertson also shared a collection of photos. One shows her and Jase standing on a beach with beautiful blue water behind them. Other photos show Missy and Jase enjoying meals and activities with several others. There is also a really funny photo of Jase holding up a dish. You can check them out below.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Also Visit Locations Mentioned in the Christian Bible

The Robertson family are devout Christians. Of course, this includes both Jase Robertson and his wife, Missy. So, during their recent trip to Greece, the “Duck Dynasty” stars had the chance to go to a place where one of the most important figures in Christianity visited.

“Bonus: We did get to tour the exact places where Paul walked in Corinth (dragged before the council in Acts 18) and on Mars Hill (one of my favorite passages in Acts 17),” Missy also shared.

If you want to hear more about their trip to Greece, Missy and Jase will talk about it on their “Unashamed Podcast” this week.