‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Celebrates Daughter Sadie in Empowering Post

by Chris Haney

On Saturday morning, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson celebrated the 100th episode of her daughter’s podcast in a touching Instagram post.

Robertson’s daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff, is the host of the WHOA That’s Good podcast. Sadie speaks to a series of different guests and asks them all the same question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Huff began the podcast back in 2018, and is soon to release her milestone 100th episode. It’s clear that one of Sadie’s biggest supporters is her mother, and that Korie couldn’t be prouder of her daughter.

For the huge episode, Sadie brought in 10 young women who were chosen in a giveaway to take part in the podcast. Her Duck Dynasty mom even flew in for the occasion as well. Korie shared her takeaways from the experience with her more than 2.1 million Instagram followers.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Mom Shares 3 Observations From Sadie’s 100th Podcast Episode

Korie Robertson shared a message from her time viewing the taping of WHOA That’s Good‘s 100th podcast. She shared three vital observations she took with her after watching her daughter at work.

“Even though this podcast will go out to hundreds of thousands, she prayed and prepared and spoke directly to the 10 in the room. It doesn’t matter how big your platform is, God has something He wants you to share with the one, two or ten right in front of you, right there where you are,” Korie wrote.

“Sadie did this podcast for 2 solid years without it making a dime. She paid for it herself, and put it out there week after week because she believed in it. A reminder that things don’t happen over night. Sow the seeds and in God’s timing and with His blessing what is planted will grow,” the Duck Dynasty star shared.

“Today (Saturday) she is hosting a Bible study in her home along with sweet friends right here in our hometown. When she speaks God’s word comes out of her because she spends time alone with Him. You cannot pour out what is not inside of you. We have to do the unseen thing that feeds our souls,” she added as her third observation.

The Duck Dynasty mom says the post isn’t just about her daughter and her accomplishments. Instead, it’s a message for anyone out there to trust in their faith.

“I hope this helps someone today,” Korie added. “This is really not a post about Sadie even though I’m a super proud mom! It’s about what God can and will do inside of all of us if we simply give Him our heart.”

“This special 100th episode will be out soon. I’ll let you know when. You won’t want to miss it!” she concluded.