‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Knows Fall Is in the Air with Adorable Trip to Pumpkin Patch

by Joe Rutland

With fall in the air, what better way to let people know about it than to show “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson in a pumpkin patch.

That’s exactly where we’ll find Robertson in this photo she shared on Instagram.

“Church, lunch with friends and fam, and the pumpkin patch with this cutie made for a really good Sunday!” Robertson wrote along with the snap to her two-plus-million followers on Instagram. “Hope you had a good one 🍁🌽🎃 Anyone else visit the pumpkin patch this weekend? It felt like our whole town was there, ha!”

Knowing the many fans Korie Robertson has from the TV show, they’ll find this photo captivating. What else says faith, family, and fun like the Robertson family can do!

Korie Robertson Spends Time With Grandchild, Attending Friends’ Wedding

Let’s take a look at some other recent in the life of Korie Robertson.

The show’s matriarch had a little time with one of her grandchildren, Shep.

What did Shep do this time? Well, he spent time sitting in a bucket of his grandfather Willie’s tractor. Was their room for Grandpa Willie? Yes, there was as he found his spot right behind the tractor’s wheel.

Korie Robertson took this photo and wrote, “Is there anything cuter than a kid on a tractor with his Dubs.” “Dubs” is the name that the family’s grandchildren call him.

Back in September, Korie and Willie attended a wedding for their friends.

Korie shared a set of photos of them with Adam and Kaitlyn Goff, who got married.

Of course, having the Robertsons show up made it that more special.

What did Korie Robertson write with the photos? Here you go, Outsiders.

She writes on Instagram, “I loved last night! Congrats @adam.goff and @kaitlyngoff_. The beginning of your adventure together was just as lovely, joyful, spirit-filled, stunning and sweet as you two! Love these people, thankful for the friends that they are in our lives, and wouldn’t have missed getting to celebrate with you!”

Bella Robertson Released Book of Poetry and Mom Was Quite Proud of Her

Wow! What a lovely sentiment from her to them.

But wait, there’s more goodness right here also from back in September. This time, it has to do with Korie’s own daughter Bella.

What did Bella do? Oh, nothing big except publish her own book of poetic writings to the world. That is a big deal, Outsiders, and Mom was there to offer encouraging words.

Korie wrote along with the photo, “I AM SO PROUD of this girl!! Her book ‘my greenhouse’ comes out into the world today! These are words that came from experiencing love, want, heartache, and HOPE!”