‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Powers Through the Flu for Sweet Moment With Grandchild

by Chris Haney

Late Tuesday night, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson shared a short message about having the flu. Yet, she didn’t let it stop her from enjoying an adorable moment with one of her grandchildren.

Korie and Willie Robertson‘s family has gotten exponentially larger in the last couple of years. The parents of three biological children and three adopted children are now grandparents as well. They’ve been living it up ever since, and both post about the special moments hanging out with their grandkids often.

Their oldest daughter, Rebecca, and her husband have a little boy named Zane. Additionally, the couple announced in July that she’s pregnant with their second child, which is due on Christmas Day. In May, Korie’s daughter, Sadie, and her husband welcomed their first child, Honey, to the world. Finally, their son, John Luke, and his wife have two kids together. John Shepherd is two years old, and his baby sister Ella Kathryn was born in April.

Anyone that’s had the flu knows it’s no fun. However, the Duck Dynasty reality TV star seems to be powering through it for the sake of her loved ones. Korie recently shared a sweet moment between herself and John Shepherd with her more than two million Instagram followers. In the short clip, Korie is seen pulling her grandson around the living room floor on a blanket. “When you have the flu but really want to keep playing,” she wrote on the video.

“The flu seems like it’s back with a vengeance this year; we’re dropping like flies over here! You know it’s bad when this is my most used emoji from the past week. Anybody else??” the Duck Dynasty star captioned her post while adding a tired face emoji.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Celebrates Daughter Rebecca’s Wedding Anniversary

Korie Robertson and many of her famous family members have a strong social media presence. She typically posts at least every few days but has been absent from Instagram since last week. Now we might know why since the Duck Dynasty star has had the flu.

The last time we saw Korie share with her fans, she posted a thoughtful message about her daughter Rebecca’s wedding anniversary. Rebecca and John Reed Loflin celebrated their fifth anniversary on Friday, Dec. 3.

“Happy Anniversary @rebeccalorobertson and @johnreedloflin. I love you two and the fam you are creating!! Can’t believe you are about to be the parents of 2. You’ve got this! Keep adventuring together and buying all of the blow molds you can find! The best is yet to come!!” the Duck Dynasty star wrote.

“Awww love you!! haha yes we are working hard toward our dream of owning a blow mold museum one day,” Rebecca added in the comment section.