‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Promotes Awareness About Human Trafficking

by Kati Michelle

Korie Robertson just celebrated her 48th birthday this week with five generations of her family joining her at the dinner table. This family, of course, is best known for their escapades on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.” As the wise matriarch of the family, Korie often shares tidbits of knowledge sprinkled with the gospel to her followers. For example, she penned a long letter of reflection over her birthday. Part of it read as follows: “There is so much life to live and I don’t have any idea where God is going to take us, and I love that. I trust Him completely with my life, and whatever it is, I’m game!”

Now, she is using that platform to promote awareness about a more solemn topic: human trafficking. Read on to hear about how Korie Robertson thinks we can tackle that global crisis.

Korie Robertson Shares One Powerful Metaphor for Human Trafficking

Korie Robertson recently took to Instagram to share more about her trip to Nashville in support of the Rescue Freedom Organization. The caption might be long-winded, but it starts an important conversation. You can catch it in full here:

If you take anything away from Korie Robertson’s post, the card-magic trick metaphor is especially powerful. The theme of the event was actually “make human trafficking disappear.” That’s where Donald Miller comes in. He shared something with Korie that she will never forget.

Essentially, he talked about how easy it can be to make things appear. The opposite, however, can be a lot trickier. Sure, there are ways to ignore the things we don’t want to face, but that doesn’t actually make them disappear now does it?

The stark reality of human trafficking is just that. It still exists, even if we try to tuck it away. Robertson writes: “With human trafficking, it’s not simply a card up the sleeve, while we’re cleverly distracted. The horror for the millions of mainly women and children is still there.”

Highlighting All the Great Work Done By the Rescue Freedom Organization

Korie Robertson also writes that “[Rescue Freedom’s] work has more than doubled in the last 2 years because of this unique time and the opportunities created in the midst of the pandemic.” So, what exactly do they do? Well, the Rescue Freedom organization tries to mitigate human trafficking by a lot of outreach as well as intervention.

Earlier this week, they shared the success story of a child removed from a trafficking situation. The child will now have access to not only a safe house but medical care, trauma-informed counseling, and everything else they need to thrive.

Check it out: