‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Reminds Fans of ‘What Christmas Is All About’

by Taylor Cunningham

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson would like to issue “a quick reminder of what Christmas is all about in case the busy-ness of it all has made us forget.”

December 25th is less than two weeks away. And Korie Robertson is worried that we’re all getting too involved with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, which means we’re forgetting about the true meaning of Christmas.

So the reality star penned a letter about the holiday and posted it on Instagram for all her fans to read.

“We celebrate not because Santa is coming, but because Jesus came!” Korie Robertson wrote alongside a gorgeous photo of her festively decked-out West Monroe, Louisiana, home.

“We decorate trees, string lights, cook a ridiculous amount of food and eat Christmas cookies that little hands made, not to impress others on Instagram or even on our block, but to create memories with those we love, joyful times, traditions that when the world feels upside down, when everything else changes they stay the same, the memories remain.”

And Korie added that we don’t exchange gifts because we “need more things.” We give them to the ones we love ” because the greatest gift was given to us.”

So while we soak in the last remaining days of the Yuletide season, Korie hopes everyone takes a moment to remember the true story of Christmas.

“Then go celebrate the good news that Jesus Christ was a baby in a manger,” she concluded. “He came for you and for me.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Details TN Tornado at Her Family Farm

Last Friday and Saturday, a late fall storm front brought tornadoes to the Southern United States and parts of the Ohio Valley. In the end, at least 34 twisters were confirmed by meteorologists. And nearly 90 people lost their lives.

Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson was sleeping at her Tennessee farm when one of the tornadoes touched down nearby. On Instagram, she opened up about the experience.

As she recalled in the post, Missy and her family headed to the TN farm to hunt and spend a long weekend with friends and family. The home is a vacation property.

At 4:15 AM, her son woke the family and told them they needed to head to the storm shelter. Everyone, including Missy’s brand new grandson, piled into the vault and spent the rest of the night following the storms online.

“Waiting it out while watching it unfold on our phones was heart-wrenching,” she wrote.

“Knowing that over 50 lives were already lost, hearing the waves of rumble outside, and watching this piece of preciousness sleep peacefully was both terrifying and reassuring,” Missy continued. “We were fortunate to have a safe room where 7 adults and a newborn hunkered in for safety last night. As a mom of 4 grown children and a 2 and 1/2 week old grandchild, I rested in the confidence of an all-knowing God. A God who loves each of His children equally.”