‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Shows Off Willie’s New Look in Hilarious Photo

by Amy Myers

Duck Dynasty stars Korie and Willie Robertson gifted fans with a hilarious collection of photos following a malfunction with a pair of sunglasses. While driving with his wife, bearded wildman Willie dropped his shades and ended up popping out his lenses.

Seizing the opportunity for a photo, Korie told her husband to put them on anyways and then snapped a photo together. She took another photo once the two reached the parking lot, but, as the Duck Dynasty wife admitted, it definitely didn’t look as good as the first picture.

“@realwilliebosshog dropped his sunglasses and the lenses popped out so decided to try out a new look.
pic 1 – I kinda like it, looking cute pic 2 mmm no, a little creepy Thoughts??” the Duck Dynasty star wrote in the caption.

Honestly, in the first photo of the couple, it almost looked like Willie had regular glasses on with clear lenses. The second photo was much more obvious, on the other hand, and Willie’s creepy face wasn’t helping the situation either.

Regardless, the Duck Dynasty star didn’t feel embarrassed about his choice in spectacles. He even laughed along with his wife’s post with his own comment.

“Hey you can’t blame a man for tryin’” Willie wrote back.

Meanwhile, several fans likened Willie’s look in the first snapshot to fellow Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson. Si often wore glasses just like Willie’s but with regular lenses. The frames paired with the beard further emphasized the resemblance to his uncle.

One fan explained their own take on the Duck Dynasty star’s new look.

“Pic 1: Uncle Si Pic 2: ‘Free Candy in the van’,” to which Willie replied, “I’m not sure which one is worse.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Share Photo of Their Halloween Costumes

Last week, the Duck Dynasty duo shared yet another new look, but this time, it was in spirit of the upcoming spooky holiday. Korie and Willie Robertson shared their couple’s outfit as Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. Of course, Korie went as the blond country star while Willie opted for, well, Willie. Although it would have been just as hilarious if they had switch roles.

Korie also shared in her post that their costumes were a part of an early birthday celebration for her daughter, Rebecca Robertson. In order to make the night even more fun, the family decided to turn the event into a costume party and add a deck of cards.

“We got a jumpstart on Halloween with a costume party/ poker tournament for @rebeccalorobertson birthday,” the Duck Dynasty star shared. “I lost out early, Willie shared a little of his stack with Dolly, and we both went home with money that we won from our own kids, ha! So much fun!”