‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Reveals ‘One Ritual’ From Her Date Nights With Jase

by Chase Thomas

Date night is a special night for many folks around the country. We all live busy lives, but it is important to at least have that one night a week with that special someone where you reconnect and have a pleasant evening just hanging out with one another. We all have our own ideas as to how to do this, but Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson revealed “one ritual” from her date nights with her husband Jase that you’ll love.

In a new Instagram post, Missy of Duck Dynasty snapped a cute pic of the two of them out at a restaurant for date night. The caption for the post reads, “A night out. It doesn’t happen as often anymore, but one ritual remains. @realjaseduckman: “Hold on a sec, Babe. Let me grab that gun. I’ll move that bag into the house.
And I’ll throw that hat in the back seat. Just kick those shells out of your way. I’ll wipe that seat down for you.” Me: “Can we just go in my car?” Jase: “No, I like my truck.” I just like being with him. May I never take these rare nights for granted.”

Men everywhere might be able to relate to this tradition. Without fail, Jase always has all kinds of stuff in his truck that he needs to move and reorganize so Missy from Duck Dynasty can sit in the car.

Fans thought it was a hilarious note. One fan wrote, “When I read this it was as if y’all heard my wife and I trying to leave the house to go anywhere.”

Another wrote, “Same here! The time spent is worth the man stuff shuffle.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson on Her Family

The traditions don’t stop there for the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty, though. She opened up to A&E about other traditions outside of date night. She said, “Most of our family traditions, like a lot of people’s, revolve around holidays. Easter is a big holiday for us. After a wonderful Sunday service at church full of singing and encouragement, we head over to Korie’s mom’s house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. There are always four generations of family gathered together for a large spread of food, games, and Easter eggs.”

Family is clearly a very important portion of their family life. They make sure it’s fun with games and good food around the holidays. The traditions can be whatever you want them to be, which is what makes them so unique and so special, especially around the holidays like right now

Duck Dynasty wrapped up in 2017 on A&E.