‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Opens Up About Battle for Sobriety

by Jacklyn Krol

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson spoke candidly about addiction.

In new social media posts, Robertson was promoting his new book, “Your Daily Phil: 100 Days of Truth and Freedom to Heal America’s Soul”. The book is a “true story of demonic deliverance.” The book leads the readers through 100 days of God-honoring principles from the Duck Dynasty commander himself. He readily opens up to his fans about his addiction and sobriety.

He wrote about a particular incident when he was on the other side of a rehabilitation facility.

“Years ago, I visited a rehab facility, and a patient hollered and yelled and cussed at me. I said, ‘I can’t help you if you don’t listen.’ The woman calmed down a little and let me give her the good news of Jesus,” he wrote. “Right then, she slammed her head on the table and made a low gurgle like something was stuck in her throat. She vomited and ran to the bathroom. When she came back, she asked for my help. I said, ‘Jesus can help anyone who calls on his name.'”

Robertson’s words seemed to have an effect on the woman. The next day, he was pleasantly surprised.

“When I showed up the next day, she was clean-faced and smiling,” he recalled. “She asked me to baptize her in the river near the facility, and the woman who’d hated me the day before was now my sister in Christ. I’m not surprised. The lies of the enemy are no match for the unifying truth of God.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Rocky Start

The Duck Dynasty star had a rocky start to his relationship with his wife, Kay. Robertson shared that he drank too much that almost made his wife of over fifty years over the edge. In an interview with Extra, per The Daily Mail, Miss Kay said that they had a rough patch lasting ten years.

“It’s because there was no Jesus,” Robertson said. The couple began dating back in 1964 when they were both teenagers. They married in 1966 when Kay was just sixteen. But he was a completely different man at the time.

“He didn’t act nice like he does now, especially when he was drinking,” she admitted. “He was real selfish and didn’t want to be responsible.”

Robertson ended up turning down the opportunity to join the NFL as a quarterback. The reason? It would interfere with his duck hunting.

“I was following the ways of the world. I was raised in the ‘60s,” he said. “She was patient, she waited for me to turn.” After he was a fisherman and teacher, he began to abuse alcohol while he was managing a bar. He got so bad that he kicked his children out of the house at one point. Robertson ended up cleaning up his act and the couple welcomed four children: Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep.