‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Reflects on Saving a Friend in Emotional Tribute

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

It doesn’t get much better than a good old-fashioned Duck Dynasty story from the one and only Phil Robertson. And boy did he have just that on Saturday evening.

It goes without saying that 75-year-old Phil Robertson has come a long way over the years. The Duck Dynasty star was born back in 1946, and he grew up in some pretty tough conditions. That led to him getting into some trouble here and there and to a life of partying in his young days.

However, Robertson was able to turn his life around. And in an Instagram post on Saturday night, he talked about how he was able to help turn around the life of one of his buddies as well.

“12 years after my conversion, I got a call from Big Al, a dude I partied with in my heathen days,” Robertson explained on Instagram. “He wanted me to come to see him. I drove to Arkansas, and he told me about the aneurysm in his heart that could burst any second.”

According to Robertson, his buddy Big Al had been following his meteoric rise on Duck Dynasty.

“‘I’ve been keeping up with you,'” he said. “‘And I’ve never seen such a change in a man.”

Robertson went on to explain that his friend wanted to know how he changed into the man that he is today.

“I shared that I’d been a prisoner of the devil. God had freed me and could free him too. And I shared the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. He said, ‘This story, if it’s true, it changes everything.'”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Baptizes His Friend

So, after hearing that story, what do you think Phil Robertson does? Well, he took his friend down to the river to baptize him. The reconnection between the two longtime friends couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I took him down to the river to baptize him,” Robertson continued. “Two months later, Big Al was gone. But before that, he had unwound the lies of the devil and become a child of God.”

If you ask the Duck Dynasty star, he will tell you that his buddy Big Al “could be a testament to America”.

“Big Al could be a testament to America. The real and living God wants to free us from death. He wants us to flourish. It’s not too late for freedom — and to share that freedom with others. My book, Your Daily Phil: 100 Days of Truth and Freedom to Heal America’s Soul, leads you through 100 days of God-honoring principles like this.”