‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Can’t Get Enough of Her Wedding Date

by Jacklyn Krol

Duck Dynasty alum Sadie Robertson showed off her stunning dress and sweet wedding date.

Firstly, on Saturday, December 4, Robertson-Huff shared a black and white snapshot of her and her husband Christian Huff. Robertson stood up as a bridesmaid at her friend Sarah’s outdoor wedding. Secondly, lucky for her, she kept warm thanks to her “hot” date.

“Thanks for keeping me warm,” she captioned the photo and called it the sweetest day.

“It truly is heavenly to celebrate two incredible people who love each other. God’s design is so good. Sarah and martin y’all are going to be unstoppable. We are always here for y’all for the good and the hard. It is a joy to be your friends,” she added.

Additionally, this isn’t the first wedding that they’ve attended. Moreover, they recently have spent numerous weekends attending the wedding ceremonies of friends and family members.

See the stunning photo, below.

How the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Couple Celebrated Their Anniversary

Above all, Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff celebrated their second wedding anniversary and their daughter Honey James’ first Thanksgiving on the same day.

Sadie and Christian first met back in 2018 when they went on a mutual friend’s crab hunting trip. Almost immediately sparks flew. The couple tied the knot back in 2019 at the Duck Dynasty family farm in West Monroe, Louisiana. Then in May, they welcomed their first child together.

“Our anniversary on thanksgiving… very very fitting,” Sadie Robertson Huff wrote. “I’m so thankful for you Christian Huff and the family we have!”

Therefore, Sadie reflected on how much they have grown as people, in their faith, and their latest addition to their family.

“Two years and our hearts have grown. Our love has expanded. Our faith has risen,” she added. “Our joy has strengthened. Our world has been rocked in the best way by an angel named Honey. Gosh, I can’t wait to see what the next two look like and then the 70 after that!”

A Thankful Post

Furthermore, after reliving their relationship milestones, Sadie Robertson Huff revealed six things that she is most thankful for in their lives. Similarly, it all has to do with her family and faith:

“#1 to uncontrollable laughter in marriage
#2 to being best friends
#3 to raising a family
#4 to a good God
#5 to always being our true selves around each other
#6 the truth !”

Finally, to conclude her heartfelt letter to her husband and followers, she shared a wise piece of advice with her readers. Outsiders can certainly relate to her words of wisdom.

“If you are a married couple I hope that you can make a toast to these things too! Maybe it hasn’t been that way in the past but it can start today!” Robertson wrote. “Christian, thank you for loving me so well. I love you tons, and always always will!”