‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates Football, Reveals Her Favorite Team

by Lauren Boisvert

Sadie Robertson Huff recently posted a sweet photo on Instagram. In the pic, she and her husband, Christian Huff, pose with her brother-in-law Chance Huff and his fiancée Maia Billman. Chance Huff holds Sadie and Christian’s daughter, Honey, in the middle.

Sadie captioned the photo, “WAR EAGLE with my ppl,” referencing the Auburn Tigers’ motto. The couples are dressed in orange and blue, in support of the Auburn Tigers.

Sadie Robertson Huff Brings Daughter Honey to First Football Game

The Auburn game wasn’t Honey’s first turn around the block; the day before, her parents took her to her first Friday football game at her dad’s high school alma mater. She shared an adorable family photo from the game and captioned it, “Honeys 1st Friday night lights at where Christian went to high school.”

Sadie went on to describe the wonder of seeing her child witnessing exciting things for the first time. She wrote, “it’s honestly the best thing ever to get to see her eyes see things for the first time. It helps me notice things I might not have noticed before.”

She continued her caption by describing some of the things Honey saw, things she was enamored with: a girl with pom-poms, the band members, the dancers, random people passing by. “I want to notice things the way she does. I want to notice people the way she does,” Sadie wrote, “I want to laugh with ease, and smile just because.” She continued, “I want to take all of these joys that we have in life in as if I am seeing them for the first time.”

Sadie ended the inspirational caption by writing,  “I’m going to go see things for the first time with people! I hope you can too!”

The Huffs Talk More Kids and Adoption

Sadie and Christian’s first child, Honey, had a traumatic entrance into the world in May; first, her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck during birth and she wasn’t able to get oxygen for two minutes. Then, she developed a respiratory syncytial virus at 4 months and had to stay in the hospital. Her stay was short, though, and now she’s out and about and doing great.

Even though things didn’t go well in the beginning of their foray into parenthood, Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband are looking forward to having more kids.

Sadie has stated that they go back and forth together on wanting 3 or 4 kids, but know they want to adopt in the future. Sadie’s parents, Korie and Willie Robertson, adopted 3 of their 6 kids. Because of this, Sadie has said that she’s seen firsthand the beauty and importance of adoption, and the joy that a blended, adopted family has.