‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Is All Smiles Wearing New Wardrobe

by Chase Thomas

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is busy these days. Since her early days in Duck Dynasty, the former star of the program has gotten married and become a mother of her own. She’s also a hit on her personal Instagram page. The Duck Dynasty star was all smiles wearing a new wardrobe in a recent post.

In a series of photos, Sadie highlighted some of her new merch and announced a giveaway set to a couple of lucky fans.

She wrote for the caption, “If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a sister or a friend check out our new @words_bysadierob sweat sets I will personally give away 2 sets for Christmas! Tag your friend and share this on your story to enter 🤎 will announce the winners tonight!”

Fans loved the photos and the announcement. Many tagged their friends and family for a chance to win some swag.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Now

It’s hard to move past such an iconic show, but the Robertsons are staying busy. If you did not already know, the former stars of Duck Dynasty put together another show entitled “At Home with the Robertsons.” It’s an interview-style show with all kinds of folks from all walks of life. The purpose of the show is to have important conversations in a civil, friendly way.

Korie said of the format, “And we’re in a world where if you say the wrong thing, you can get ‘canceled.’ So I think all of our guests were really brave to just say yes to coming to do something like this. We’re discussing some tough things, so I thought that was really cool. Hopefully, we get to do more of these and see how that evolves.”

They want to push back against that culture and move things in a positive direction.

It’s not all serious, though. Willie even entered a beauty competition.

Willie said of the competition, “Part of it was just to take some of the heaviness off of it. When you end up doing something fun together, you kind of end up forgetting the differences we have. It was fun seeing people out of their element. We took some former NFL guys out crawfishing and it’s fun to see people learn new things about Louisiana culture that are important to us. When you think of a talk show, you think of two people sitting across from each other in chairs. This is a talk show, but a whole different way of doing it.”

It’s about bringing people together and giving folks the opportunity to experience and learn about other cultures that they may not be all that familiar with. It pushes people outside of their element. Duck Dynasty ended in 2017.