‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Is ‘So Excited’ for the Release of Her New Book

by Amy Myers

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is back on the bookshelves with her latest work, “Who Are You Following?” With the release just days away, the young and spiritual author wanted to share her enthusiasm for her new book. On Twitter, Robertson reminded fans that her book would hit stores on February 1.

Along with the announcement, the Duck Dynasty star shared an adorable photo of herself in a cozy sweater with a copy of her book.

“I hope this book is a guide for how to approach social media in a biblical way,” Robertson shared. “SO excited for it to come out Feb. 1st!”

Like her previous book, Live on Purpose, Robertson’s latest work offers a religious perspective of everyday components of life. Now that social media has become a central part of society, the Duck Dynasty star wanted to offer her fans and readers the opportunity to incorporate spirituality into the practice. Robertson, herself, has dedicated a large part of her life to spreading her biblical messages to her audiences. Recently, she even spoke at the international Passion Conference for the second time.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Inspiration Behind New Book

Earlier last month, when Robertson received her own copy of “Who Are You Following?”, she revealed to fans why she began writing the book in the first place. On Instagram, she shared that her journey towards publishing began when she was pregnant with her daughter, Honey, who is now eight months old. Robertson gave birth to the newest member of the Duck Dynasty family on May 12 beside her husband, Christian Huff.

“Wow, I’m so grateful. I started writing this book when I was about 7 months pregnant. I had a book due date and a baby due date back to back,” the Duck Dynasty author shared. “what a time to start writing a book huh? As a mentor of mine says, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ And man is that right! I didn’t know that this book would be such a challenge to write. I didn’t know what postpartum was like or early motherhood.”

She continued, “But as i held this today I’m glad I didn’t know, because I might not have started it. And I believe this is a timely message for people to get!!! I felt like God laid this message in my lap and prompted me to write it for the now, and He confirmed that by open door after open door. That didn’t make it easy, but it made it possible.”

The Duck Dynasty star has dedicated the book to Honey, “The girl who held me accountable to every word I wrote.”