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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Loves ‘Going to Weddings’ With Husband in Sweet Snap

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Lately, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff have spent much of their weekends attending weddings of dear friends and family. But it seems that no matter where the two are, as long as they’re together, they’re having a blast.

While attending yet another special occasion, the couple posed for a precious picture together. Although, instead of typical wedding guest attire, the two dressed down in jeans and T-shirts. Somehow, they still managed to look stunning in the casual getups. Robertson dropped the image on Instagram and expressed how much she loves to spend time with her husband.

“I love going to weddings with you!” the doting Duck Dynasty wife captioned her post.

Attending all of the recent weddings no doubt reminds the couple just how lucky they are to haave found each other. In fact, Robertson posted the new photo with her husband just days after celebrating their own anniversary.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Celebrates Two Year Anniversary with Husband

According to the Duck Dynasty star, she and Huff decided to celebrate one week early, since their actual anniversary landed on Thanksgiving this year. On Thursday, the two will have been married for two years now and share a daughter named Honey. To honor the big date, she posted another update filled with tooth-achingly sweet images of the couple. She also penned a touching message to Huff outlining all of the things she was grateful for.

“To be honest I thought when we got married that I couldn’t even make room in my heart to love him anymore than I did in that moment… boy was I wrong,” Robertson wrote. “I love him so much more now! And I know that I will only continue to love him more the more I get to know Him.”

After some time to reflect on how far they’ve come since they first met, they raised their glasses to six blessings they have in their lives:

“#1 to uncontrollable laughter in marriage
#2 to being best friends
#3 to raising a family
#4 to a good God
#5 to always being our true selves around each other
#6 the truth !”

The Duck Dynasty star then directed her attention to fellow married fans and wished them the same happiness and love in the future. Then, of course, she finished the post by expressing her gratitude for her loving husband.

“If you are a married couple I hope that you can make a toast to these things too! Maybe it hasn’t been that way in the past but it can start today!” Robertson stated. “Christian, thank you for loving me so well. I love you tons, and always always will!”