‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Opens Up About Being Role Model for Daughter

by Taylor Cunningham

In a heartwarming social media post, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson opened up about teaching her daughter that beauty isn’t skin deep.

“What we look like will not change someone else’s life,” she wrote. “But we who are, will.”

Robertson has been enjoying life as a new mother this year. In May, she gave birth to her daughter Honey James. And over the months, the reality star and podcast host has been documenting all of her baby’s milestone moments.

But recently, Roberston has noticed that Honey is becoming more aware of what the people around her are doing, which has Roberston thinking about the example that she sets for the impressionable child.

So on Instagram yesterday, Sadie Robertson penned a letter to both Honey and her fans as she contemplates being the best role model for her daughter.

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Starlet is Teaching her Daughter about Inner Beauty

“I started recording these little clips of Honey watching me get ready about 6 months ago. And as I have been thinking so much about identity I wanted to post this!” she began.

Every morning, Sadie Robertson prepares for a day of being an influencer, fashion icon, and business owner, which means that she must look her best. And The Duck Dynasty member does a great job playing the part. She is always stunning.

However, Robertson doesn’t want beauty to be her legacy. And now that she has a daughter, she’s being careful to set the right “tone” each day.

“Although it’s a question I actually get asked about a lot ‘how do you do your makeup’ I sure do hope that’s not all that I teach [Honey] about getting ready and setting the tone for the day,” she continued.

“I’ve said this before, but building the foundation of who we are on an image is about as good as building it on [the] makeup foundation itself. give it a little time and it will crack, wear off, smudge, not match or change.”

Robertson knows that she’s more than just a pretty face. And she’s determined to teach Honey to have the same outlook. Because beauty doesn’t change the world, intelligence and compassion do.

And furthermore, being vain can negatively affect a person’s soul. So she hopes that her followers and, of course, Honey, will never be too obsessed with outward appearances.

“Don’t let that be your foundation, friends,” she warned.

“The makeup will come on and off,” Robertson continued. “The camera will go on and off, the cute clothes will turn into pajamas, the filters will turn into reality, and all of the things that look good will fade and the true person I am will be the thing that makes the biggest impact on her life.”

“Just keep in mind friends – who you are – not who you show others you are – but who you truly are will set the tone of your life.”