‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Opens Up About How She ‘Used to Live With So Much Anxiety’

by Keeli Parkey

Living with anxiety is something so many people deal with each and every day. They feel this way whether they are famous or not. One famous person who lived with anxiety for many years was “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson.

She was very young when she appeared on that popular reality television series with the rest of her famous family. That family includes her parents, Willie and Korie Robertson. Since the show ended, Sadie – and other relatives – have stayed in the public eye.

The now 24-year-old Louisiana native is active on social media where she has often opened up about her personal struggles.

In an Instagram post she shared on Sunday, Nov. 7, the “Duck Dynasty” alum talked about how she used to live with anxiety.

“I remember when things changed for me when it came to fear. I used to live with so much anxiety, and it definitely shaped who I used to be,” Robertson explained.

Sadie Robertson then shared how she learned to set that anxiety aside and move on with her life. She says her Christian faith was where she found comfort. “But something changed. It was when I realized that when God said ‘do not fear’ in the Bible it was more of a promise than a command,” she also posted.

The “Duck Dynasty” star then explained how those words from God are a “promise.” “Right after those words the words ‘for I am with you’ would follow. So what God was really saying is that you don’t have to fear, because I am with you,” Robertson writes.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Alum Sadie Robertson Said the Comfort She Receives from God Is Similar to the Comfort Parents Offer Their Children

This comfort promised by God is something Sadie Robertson said she came to better understand after she became a parent. As her fans are aware, she and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their daughter, Honey James Huff, during May 2021.

“As I begin to think about this idea with Honey I can see it so clearly. When she wakes up in the middle of the night crying the first thing I do is walk to her crib pick her up and say, ‘it’s okay mamas got you,” the “Duck Dynasty” star also explained. “In all of these moments it is not that we are so confident in Honey’s ability to swim, get over the fear of the night, or the intimidation of walking into school, but it is that we are confident in our ability to comfort her.”

An important part of how Robertson explained the comfort she has received from God involved the picture she shared with her Instagram post. In this photo, she and Christian embrace their daughter, Honey.

“When I look at this picture of us she looks so safe in our arms. That is what we look like with God. We don’t have to wait to be fearless when we become confident in ourselves, we can live fearless now by knowing we are comforted by a king who is our father,” Sadie Robertson concluded.