‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shows Best Way to Deal With Delayed Plane

by Chase Thomas

We’ve all been there, where our flight has been delayed and we’re not entirely sure how to pass the time, or, better yet, when we will get on our flight and head towards our destination. That’s a tough situation to be in. It’s hard to find something to occupy your time while fighting off the anxiety that comes with a delayed flight. It’s something we all experience one time or another and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is no different.

Early this morning, Robertson posted a video to her Instagram featuring her and two other people dancing in an airport late in the evening because their flight was delayed. Sadie wrote, “When it’s midnight and your flight keeps getting delayed what do you do… you dance… that’s what you do and then you pee yourself laughing at the way you look when you dance.”

Hey, it’s hard to find fun things to do when you’re stuck at an airport late on a Thursday morning. There are not a lot of options available. You have to make your own fun. For Sadie, it was to dance.

‘Duck Dynasty; with Phil Robertson

Since the show concluded, each member of the family has moved on to doing their own thing. Now, the family is not in the public eye nearly as much, but that’s no problem for Phil Robertson. No, he has been OK leaving behind the fame and sticking to what he knows and what he likes. He wants to continue to stay off the grid with his family, continue with his work, and not have to depend on anyone else. He said, “My ambition now is to live a quiet life, mind my own business, work with my hands as God told me, so that my daily life may win the respect of outsiders so that so that I will not be dependent on anybody.”

It had been a long time coming for Phil, as he had a rough early portion of his life before changing course decades ago. When he got more serious about his faith changed everything for him, which explains where he is coming from in the above quote. The former reality star doesn’t need all that other stuff. He is not chasing what other celebrities typically chase, especially after the end of their shows. The man is fine moving on from that portion of his life. He wants to be doing what he loves which is being an outsider and living a quiet life.

He continued, “Peace of mind is the rarest of commodities and I am totally at peace in my life in the quarantine.” Safe to say 2020 and the quartine period did not phase Phil. Robertson was comfortable living off the land and minding his own business. Phil does not worry about that other stuff and does not think about that other stuff. He is good with or without the show Duck Dynasty.