‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Speaks on Stage Fright Ahead of Massive Speaking Engagement

by Maggie Schneider

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson writes about her stage fright in her new Instagram post: “I am SO nervous.”

Stage fright is a difficult thing to get over. “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson is doing her best to overcome it this week. The author and podcast host is preparing to speak in front of 50,000 college students this week. Needless to say, the event makes Robertson nervous.

The “Duck Dynasty” star expresses her feelings in her latest Instagram post. While Robertson has had her fair share of public appearances, this event is something completely out of the ordinary.

“People have this assumption that as a speaker you just automatically are confident to go up on the stage and speak… to be honest that is not true at all!” she begins. “I am SO nervous that in just a few days i will stand in front of 50,000 + college students!”

Robertson admits that she deals with her stage fright every time she walks onstage. There are days when it feels overwhelming.

“I am almost always shaking before I walk up on stage,” she continues, “I have even thrown up before moments before I had to walk out, and would totally be lying if I said i haven’t cried a few tears just out of feeling overwhelmed.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson’s Prayer

While stage fright is something Robertson combats every day, she says that her faith gets her through it. The “Duck Dynasty” favorite reminds herself that being onstage is for a higher purpose.

“But you know what – it’s not about me and that’s why I can get up there. I am desperate for God to do what only He can do!”

Robertson then shares a prayer she wrote with her fans. It is handwritten in her notebook as well as typed out in her caption.

“This is ALL about you. Every person, every registration, every post… for your renown God. We are so small compared to you, our talents and gifting is only from you and only because of your grace. I pray Lord that our abilities, every word, every act of worship, every stage presence would lift peoples eyes to heaven to gaze upon your beauty. Holy Spirit we invite you to HAVE YOUR WAY. We don’t want to do anything without you. We don’t want to stand before anyone knowing that you are not our rear guard and our mouth piece. I pray that your presence would be hosted in all and sent forth to all in the world.”