‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Learns Fried Chicken Ropes from St. Louis Pro

by Chase Thomas

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson knows all sorts of things. However, we learned this week that he did not know a thing or two about fried chicken. Yes, the star of Duck Dynasty learned the fried chicken ropes from a St. Louis Pro.

For the caption on his Instagram post Willie wrote, “I invited my good friend Rick Lewis of @gracemeatthree to show us he makes his famous FRIED CHICKEN! Will it be good enough to impress Phil? Watch my latest YouTube video to find out (in bio)”.

Fans loved the post and the subsequent video. One fan wrote in the comments, “Merry Christmas YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY I MISS YOUR SHOW.”

Another fan wrote, “I enjoyed that video very much.”

What Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Up To Now

Many folks wondered what exactly the Robertsons would be up to having after their hit reality show on A&E wrapped up. It turns out, each member of the family is doing all sorts of things. For Willie and Korie, they are doing a new Facebook Watch show that features big-time guests and discusses some rather difficult topics.

Korie said of the show, “The most attractive thing about the show to us is that maybe, it will make a difference in the world and shine the light on some hard topics.” It is another outlet for the couple to have important conversations with them.

She continued, “Having the chance to invite people in our home is just real disarming to everyone involved. It’s not like social media where people are yelling and screaming at each other. I mean, there is a lot of anger in the world. But if we just sit down and talk together, there is a chance we can all make the world a better place.”

The New Show for the Robertsons

They want to offer a different kind of conversation for folks who may be tired and frustrated with how their conversations go or how other folks have conversations on a national scale. They ultimately want to work to make the world better through their conversations.

“We are all the same.” That’s the message of the Facebook Watch show. This is a show about bringing folks together rather than pushing them apart. It’s hard to argue against that sort of messaging. She concluded,“We all want the same things. We want love and we want our family to be safe and healthy and we all want a connection with others. It can be very easy to forget that we are all human sometimes.”

Korie and Willie Robertson starred on the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty for years up until the show concluded in 2017.