‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Opens Up About Experience on ‘Masked Singer’

by Amy Myers

If Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson could describe his experience on Masked Singer in just one word, it would be “hot.” Following his iconic performance on the competition show, Robertson has shared what it was like wearing the Mallard costume on stage as well as the joys and unexpected obstacles of the experience. Though the mask may have been a bit warm under those stage lights, Robertson was exuberant to be a part of Masked Singer and to show a side of himself the world doesn’t often see.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the Duck Dynasty star shared all the secrets that he had been waiting all season to reveal. Of course, the first thought on any Masked Singer fan’s mind is, how in the world can they perform with that huge costume on?

For Robertson, the answer was practice, practice, practice.

“I was practicing a lot and singing. And I had music going constantly,” the Duck Dynasty star shared.

Listen to the full interview below.

Since he couldn’t see very well out of his costume, Robertson had to watch himself in the mirror during rehearsals to see where to place the microphone. During these practice runs, he also had to learn a few dance moves as well as some basic blocking. According to the Duck Dynasty star, these rehearsals occurred in a separate area and then on the stage so that the contestants could adjust their movements and sound to a bigger area.

As for the costume itself, Robertson said “it was as hot as you could ever imagine. After every performance, I was soaking wet.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Almost Revealed Himself While Watching ‘Masked Singer’

Similar to his wife, Korie, Robertson had a tough time keeping his feature on Masked Singer quiet. Eventually, the Duck Dynasty couple let their kids in on the secret, but still, it was hard to remember not to promote the appearance while out in public.

Robertson shared an instance in which he almost revealed that he was the Mallard while around other people. It was the first time that he saw his costume pop up on TV, and excitedly, he pointed to the screen. Then he quickly remembered he wasn’t supposed to say anything. Thankfully, no one caught on to the Duck Dynasty star’s recent activities, making the surprise at the end that much sweeter.

Of course, Robertson had to give a personal shout-out to his mother-in-law, Chrys Howard, who was the first person who encouraged him to be on Masked Singer. Even before the Duck Dynasty star received a call from his agent, Howard pleaded with Robertson to go on her favorite show. Soon enough, he got the opportunity to be the Mallard and is thankful he took it.