‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Reflects on How ‘Tough’ Fame Was for His Kids: Exclusive

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson has been through just about every up and down that life can throw at him. But one thing he never dealt with? Dealing with fame at a young age. That’s something his kids are going through right now.

Willie Robertson is the man we all know and love from the A&E’s Duck Dynasty. The popular reality show aired on the network for 11 seasons, spanning from 2012-2017. He’s also the CEO of the company Duck Commander.

Over the course of the last couple of decades, Robertson has become successful at just about everything he’s put his mind to. He’s an accomplished businessman, author, and he’s an avid outdoorsman as well. But one thing he never quite dealt with was fame at an early age. He told our very own Marty Smith as much in a recent episode of The Marty Smith Podcast on Outsider.

“Most everything that my kids did or are doing, I’ve done. I have experience in that,” Robertson explained. “I went to college, had children, graduated, jobs, all these kinds of things I’ve done. The only thing I hadn’t done that they were in was actually be famous at a young age. I had no experience with that.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Kids Grew Up with a Large Following

One thing about being famous that no one tells you is that it can be really hard sometimes.

“There were aspects of it that were tough,” he said. “Even still, as we talk to our kids as they get older, we’re still going through that.”

Just take Willie’s daughter, Sadie, for example.

“Sadie had a tough time. She went on and did Dancing with the Stars at 17, I believe, she was still in high school. She played basketball, and it was just tough. You know, the fans would get on her and say ugly things. They would lose a game and they’re in there crying, and then they come out and there’s 20 people wanting a photo.”

The same goes for Willie’s son, John Luke.

“It was tough for John Luke. John Luke went to college and he’s like, ‘Dad, I felt like everybody was just staring at me. So, that’s tough when you’re 18 years old. And again, that’s something I didn’t have that experience.”

But with the bad, does come the good. And being famous helped give the Duck Dynasty family a platform to use their voices for good.

“There was a lot of good as well. She took that and made that platform and she has more businesses than I have now. So, she took that and was able to use that.”

In the end, fame has never gotten to the family’s head. They are grounded in their faith and in their principle that family always comes first.

“It was really tough but we just had to stay grounded, stay where we’re at, we’re in the same school, same town. Fortunately, we didn’t have to move. We were able to stay home and be around the people that we grew up with. Overall, I think they did well with it. They were able to capitalize on some of the aspects of it. We’re all in it together and we made it through.”