‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Reveals If He’s Offered Parenting Advice to Children

by Keeli Parkey

Willie Robertson isn’t just one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty.” He is also a father and a grandfather. Together, he and his wife Korie, are the parents of five children and four grandchildren.

Their children – John Luke, Sadie, Bella, Willie Alexander, and Rebecca – are now grown. John Luke, Sadie, and Rebecca all have children of their own. John Luke has two – John Shepherd and Ella. Sadie has one child – Honey James. Rebecca has one child – Zane – and is expecting another.

Willie, obviously, loves his children and his grandchildren. As we know from “Duck Dynasty,” the Robertsons are a family that really look out for one another. So, when it comes to helping his children parent their children, what advice does Willie have for them?

He answered this question during a November 2021 interview with Access Hollywood. “Has Sadie come to you for any parenting advice at all? Or have you offered her any at all? Because I know your family’s so close,” Stephanie Swaim asked the “Duck Dynasty” star.

In short, Willie Robertson’s answer was – not “yet.” But he knows that his time is coming. These days, another member of his family is helping with the youngest members of the Robertson family.

“Uh, not me so much yet. Because they’re still at the baby stage. And so, I don’t think that’s where the dads give the advice,” Willie also said. “Uh mom, Korie, has been giving a lot of advice on that.”

The “Duck Dynasty” star expects his time up at the plate will come very soon. “So, I think once they get to about 2 years old, that’s when they come to me and say, ‘Now, dad.’ Because that when (the children) start getting kind of ornery. So, uh, they ask advice on that,” Willie shared.

Giving advice to his children about their children is something the reality television star is excited to do – just not yet. “Yeah, I’d be happy to give (advice). But now so much at the baby phase,” he also explained.

You can watch “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson talk about his parenting advice below. His comments on this topic begin around the 4:30 minute mark of the interview.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Shares His Family’s Thanksgiving Plans

Speaking of family, “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson has a plan to get his family together – including his grandchildren – for Thanksgiving. And, unsurprisingly, he is very happy to be bringing the gang all together.

“You know what’s funny was back in the day with ‘Duck Dynasty’ we were together all so much that Thanksgiving was just kind of like, you know, the next day we were together,” Willie also shared. “But now, we’re kind of spread out. So yeah, coming back is more meaningful, because we don’t get to see each other quite as much.”