‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Shows You How to Cook Chicken That’s Finger-Lickin’ Good

by Quentin Blount

The holiday season is in full swing for the Duck Dynasty family. So, what goes perfectly with Christmas? Fried chicken.

There’s no denying that Willie Robertson is a man of many talents. We all know him thanks to his successful television personality on A&E’s Duck Dynasty. The popular show ran for 11 seasons from 2012-2017. However, Robertson is also a businessman, an author, and an avid outdoorsman. He is also a lover of some good old-fashioned fried chicken. But he never knew how to quite make it himself.

So, what did the Duck Dynasty star do? He invited his good friend Rick Lewis of Grace Meat and Three Restaurant in St. Louis to his house with one goal in mind. He wanted Lewis to teach them how to make his world-famous fried chicken.

“I figured I’d throw him in the fire, and have him come cook for the hardest people in the country to cook for, which is my parents,” Robertson says with a smile. “Rick is gonna do his famous fried chicken.”

“Phil and Miss Kay are known for their cookin’,” Lewis admits. “They’ll let me know if it’s not up to snuff and they’re gonna tell me. I had a little trouble sleeping last night — the pressure is on.”

You can watch the entire video on Willie Robertson Official YouTube Channel:

Meanwhile, Willie Robertson enjoys food for being able to bring his family together.

“Any chance I get to spend time with my mom and dad I cherish that because you never know how much longer you’ve got,” Robertson explained. “Mom has gotten older, but still in the kitchen, she makes me laugh. And I make her laugh. We just have a fun time.”

As for Rick Lewis, he also can appreciate food for the bigger picture.

“I love that food kind of has a transcendent ability to really take you back to a time when things were a little simpler and more laid back,” he said.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans React to Willie’s Fried Chicken Video

As for Duck Dynasty fans, they were loving Willie Robertson’s latest video as well. The fried chicken episode is just the second video on his entire channel, which he first created just three weeks ago.

“The best memories people cherish, are the family meal gatherings when all the generations get together,” one fan agreed. “Loved this episode, Willie.”

“Love Ms. Kay, she is so precious!! God bless y’all,” another fan wrote. “Oh and by the way now I am craving fried chicken! Lol!”

“I love to see you spending time with your parents having them on your show!” commented a third person. “A healthy helping of the Robertson clan is always appreciated.”