‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Spends Time With Grandkids in Sweet Snap: ‘This Is the Life’

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday afternoon, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson shared an adorable photo of himself spending time with two of his grandchildren.

The Robertson clan has grown exponentially in recent history. Willie and his wife, Korie, share five children together, including three biological children and two adopted children. And three of their children have started having kids of their own in the last few years.

Their son, John Luke, and his wife have two young children together, John Shepherd and Ella. Their daughter, Sadie, and her husband welcomed their little girl, Honey James, to the world in May. Plus their adopted daughter, Rebecca, has one young son with her husband and another one on the way. So yeah, it’s a full house during family get-togethers.

Earlier today, the Duck Dynasty father and grandfather shared a touching photo for his more than 600,000 Instagram followers. Willie is all smiles as he leans over in bed beside two of his young grandchildren. Sadie’s six-month-old daughter Honey is staring up at her grandad with a huge smile. Additionally, John Luke’s son John Shepherd is lying beside his cousin in bed with a pacifier in his mouth.

“This is the life,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Reveals If He’s Returning To TV After ‘The Masked Singer’ Appearance

Last week, Willie Robertson was revealed as one of the performers on The Masked Singer. In fact, he appropriately wore a Mallard costume this season. In hindsight, that seemed pretty obvious considering his ties to Duck Dynasty and his Duck Commander hunting company. Willie recently talked with Cinema Blend about his experience on the singing competition.

“Well, I guess if you’d asked me back in the spring what was coming up, I wouldn’t have mentioned The Masked Singer. I didn’t see that one coming. So it was fun,” Robertson said to Cinema Blend. “It was fun to be back together. And ironically enough, it was on Wednesday night about the same time [Duck Dynasty aired]. So it was kind of cool we were all gathered back up in the living room watching someone on TV from the family.”

As previously mentioned, the Robertson crew has grown a lot recently. Therefore the dynamic of Willie and Korie’s immediate family is very different compared to their time on Duck Dynasty. While speaking about making a possible return to TV, he said his family might be open to further opportunities if they come up.

“You never know. We’re kind of open to what’s next,” he added. “My personal family has gotten so much bigger, and I have grandkids now. It’s just a lot of things different. A lot of the different family members have different projects and podcasts, and I just started my own YouTube channel, so I’m gonna put some stuff out.”