‘Duck Dynasty’: Willie and Korie Robertson’s Epic Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton Halloween Costumes

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (October 22nd) Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson took to her Instagram page to share a snapshot of what she and her husband, Willie Robertson, are planning to dress up as for 2021 Halloween. 

“Willie and Dolly forever,” the Duck Dynasty alum declares. Willie is seen wearing a Willie Nelson costume, naturally, while Korie wears a Dolly Parton outfit. The former reality TV star stated that she and her husband got a jumpstart on Halloween with a costume party and poker tournament for their daughter Rebecca Robertson. 

“I lost out early, Willie shared a little of his stack with Dolly, and we both went home with money that we won from our own kids, ha! So much fun,” the Duck Dynasty castmate further explained in the post. Korie previously shared a sweet message to Rebecca in celebration of her daughter’s birthday.

“You are soooo strong and kind, exactly what I prayed for our kids before I had any idea I would get the privilege to be your mom!” the Duck Dynasty star shared. “I love watching you be the best mother to Zane and can’t believe you are about to bring another little angel into the world. God’s got great blessings ahead for you, and I’m forever and always cheering you on! I love you.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Shares His Own Marriage Advice 

During a 2013 interview with AskMen, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson recalls how he and Korie met. “Korie and I met at a summer youth camp. I was in the fourth grade. She was in the third grade. We were on a hike and I asked her to hold hands.”

The Duck Dynasty alum recalled that he and his now-wife went to different schools but they would see each other in the Christian youth group during the year. They eventually got married a year after high school and went to college together. 

While sharing some early marriage advice, the Duck Dynasty castmate stated that he believed moving away from his family for college was “crucial” to the success of their marriage. “Get away from your family for a while. Start your own thing.”

Robertson also noted that he and his wife work together. Although he is CEO of his company, Korie does help in making some of the decisions. “I yield to her all the time. Women have a certain perception that a lot of men don’t. We’ll come out of a meeting and she’ll have heard something completely different than I did.”

In regards to any other experiences he and Korie had at the beginning of their marriage, Willie added, “In the early days, it was her encouragement that got me to start thinking about how to expand the business. Had I not been married to her, I never would have done anything that I’ve done today.”