‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Roberston Celebrates Son Rowdy’s 19th Birthday with Throwback Pictures

by Chase Thomas

Time flies by, Outsiders. Doesn’t it? Celebrities are not immune to this fact of life, that time does indeed fly by. The older you get, the faster it goes as most folks will tell you who are older than you. Time especially flies when you’re a parent like Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, who now has a 19-year-old for a son. In a sweet Instagram post, the Duck Dynasty star celebrated his son Rowdy’s big day with some awesome throwback photos.

Photos included a picture of the two of them goofing off together along with some throwbacks of Rowdy as he was growing up.

For the caption on Instagram, Willie wrote, “Happy 19th birthday Rowdy! Time sure does fly.”

Fans of Duck Dynasty loved the post and poured in the happy birthdays for the kid. One fan wrote, “Happy birthday Rowdy look at that smile.”

Another wrote, “Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope U Have An Awesome Day!!!”

The Story behind ‘Duck Dynasty’

It feels like forever ago, but there was a time that not everyone knew about the Robertson family and Duck Dynasty. It was not all that long ago, in fact. In an interview with Becks, Willie opened up about the early days of their original show and how everything evolved from there.

Willie said, “We had a show on the outdoor channel called Duck Commander. It was kind of half reality and half hunting, kind of hardcore hunting, duck hunting. A guy saw it who was a producer and sent an email to the general information box at our company and said, “Willie, I’ve watched your show. I’ve seen your family. I think you all have a really big show on your hands that could be on cable.” I called him up and that’s where it started. We made a couple pilots. And then A&E, I’m not sure if they knew what they were viewing because if you see a photo of it, they’d be thinking one thing. I’d think it was going to be like swamp people with guns shooting ducks.”

So it started with the Duck Commander show, but then it grew into something more. The family had star power and that producer knew it when he saw it. He rightly points out you can’t judge a book by its cover.

He concluded, “They called up and said we have good news and bad news. The bad news was that’s not the show that we ordered when we saw the pilot, but the good news is it’s way better than the show we thought we were getting. They saw the family aspect of the funny stuff, and we went with that and never looked back.”

The family part pushed them through, how they all interacted and how it all gelled. Duck Dynasty ended in 2017.