‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Celebrates Christmas ‘from the North Pole’ With Hilarious Photo

by Chase Thomas

One might assume Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson would not be familiar with the North Pole being from Louisiana and all. However, the star of Duck Dynasty proved on Saturday that this was not the case. No, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson celebrated Christmas from the North Pole with a new hilarious photo. He posted the photo on his personal Twitter account.

In the tweet he wrote, “Greetings from the North Pole Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!”

The photo featured Willie pretending to take down a buck at the North Pole.

Fans loved the tweet. One fan wrote in response, “Hope you have a Great xmas willie! Sending love to all the Robertson’s all the way from Ireland! Four leaf cloverWaving hand Ps Tell Si he is a Legend.”

Another fan wrote, “Merry Christmas to you from amongst the top of the food chain!!!”

Jase from ‘Duck Dynasty’

You might know as much about Jase from Duck Dynasty as you do Willie. However, when the show took off those years ago it hit Jase and his family just as hard. He told Game and Fish Mag, “Well it’s definitely strange goin’ out in public, with our beards and all, we stand out already. People used to think we were either homeless or a threat to their safety, well now they recognize us. So if you want to go to the grocery store, you realize probably you’re gonna be there two or three hours because you’re noticed so much. That still seems crazy to me.”

It’s hard. The show Duck Dynasty changed their lives. Folks recognize them now.

What changed?

He continued from Duck Dynasty, “The biggest question we get, you know people see us with our wives and they’re like ‘How did this happen?’ ‘Cause our wives are beautiful and we’re not. It’s amazing with all this social media, Facebook and Twitter, you hear people say ‘Oh these women married these guys for their money,’ because we’re successful now, but what they don’t realize is that when they met us, we didn’t have any money.”

How heartwarming is that? Their special women met them and stayed with them from the beginning before Duck Dynasty. How sweet is that, Outsiders?

He continued, “We were all poor, and we’ve all been married for lots of years. I always think that’s comical. We really came from humble beginnings. It’s just been the American dream lived out, we do what we love to do, and it just worked out. But you know our wives are with us because of our spiritual qualities, which flies in the face of what most people think.”

It worked out for the Robertsons. They worked hard and rose to the top. Duck Dynasty ended in 2017, which was four years ago.