‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Jokes His Granddaughter Knew He Was on ‘The Masked Singer’ All Along

by Chris Haney

Following Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson‘s recent appearance on The Masked Singer, he’s hilariously posted that his infant granddaughter knew it was him on the show all along.

Last month, Robertson was revealed to be the singing Mallard on the popular FOX competition series. In hindsight, we all should’ve realized it was the reality TV star all things considered. Robertson is the Duck Commander CEO, which is a hunting company best known for making quality duck calls. Willie’s also one of the main stars of the hit A&E television series Duck Dynasty that aired from 2012 to 2017. So yea, we all should’ve seen that one coming.

Fans of the singing competition might not have guessed who the Mallard was on the show until Willie was revealed. However, Robertson jokingly said his granddaughter knew it all along in a sweet but funny Instagram post on Monday night.

The Duck Dynasty star posted a photo of himself and two of his family members spending time together at home. Robertson was joined by his daughter-in-law, Mary Kate, who is his son John Luke‘s wife. The young couple welcomed their second child to the world in April when little Ella Kathryn came into their lives. She and her mother were hanging out with Willie as he serenaded his granddaughter while playing a ukulele.

“Ella knew it was me on The Masked Singer all along,” Willie Robertson amusingly captioned his Instagram post.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Reveals If He’s Returning To TV After ‘The Masked Singer’ Appearance

After Willie Robertson was revealed on The Mask Singer, he gave several interviews about his experience on the show. When speaking to Cinema Blend, he said he was as surprised as anyone that he competed in a singing competition. However, the Duck Dynasty star shared that he enjoyed his time on the show and that he’s looking forward to what may come next.

“Well, I guess if you’d asked me back in the spring what was coming up, I wouldn’t have mentioned The Masked Singer. I didn’t see that one coming. So it was fun,” Robertson explained to CinemaBlend. “It was fun to be back together. And ironically enough, it was on Wednesday night about the same time [Duck Dynasty aired]. So it was kind of cool we were all gathered back up in the living room watching someone on TV from the family.”

Robertson went on to add that he and his family could also be open to other television opportunities in the future.

“You never know. We’re kind of open to what’s next,” he added. “My personal family has gotten so much bigger, and I have grandkids now. It’s just a lot of things different. A lot of the different family members have different projects and podcasts, and I just started my own YouTube channel, so I’m gonna put some stuff out.”