‘Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Opens Up About Dad Phil’s Influence on His Life: Exclusive

by Clayton Edwards

 Willie Robertson appeared on the latest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. While introducing the exclusive interview, Marty called Robertson a “national treasure,” and talked about the empire that he and his family built from their passion for the outdoors. However, Marty said the most impressive thing about Robertson is his authenticity. If you ask Willie, though, that authenticity just comes naturally. He learned it from his dad.

Phil Started Duck Commander from scratch. Then, he made it a family affair. With Willie’s business sense, the Robertson family’s business expanded. After Duck Dynasty hit the airwaves, things grew even more as TV audiences came to know and love the Robertson family.

In a way, we know the Phil Robertson that Willie talks about in the interview. To those who see him on television or online, Phil is a man of God with a passion for hunting. Additionally, we know him as a staunch patriot who would do just about anything for his family.

Years ago, though, Phil was a different man. He had a fondness for the bottle that almost wrecked his family. After finding God, though, Phil turned his life around. Then, he started doing all he could to spread the Good News that he found in the Bible.

In the interview, Willie references those “bad years” a couple of times. Those hard times, though, highlight the road Phil walked to become the man we see today. More importantly, it was the transformation that made him the father that Willie Robertson loves and looks up to.

Willie Robertson on Phil’s Influence

Marty wanted to know, “How do you define your dad’s influence on your life?”

“He’s the real deal,” Willie Robertson said. “When he made this life change – and fortunately I didn’t see all the bad years and bad times – when he got on the Gospel, he just became a different person.”

Growing up, Willie Robertson learned how to let his faith guide him. “He was always more concerned with his faith and tellin’ others about the Lord.” This, Willie said, was because Phil felt guilty about those hard years. He wanted to redeem himself. At the same time, he didn’t want to see anyone else going down that dark path. So, he would try to set their feet on the straight and narrow path.

Willie went on to say that Phil Robertson hosted weekly Bible study sessions. Additionally, people would bring their wild and wooly friends to the Robertson home so Phil could straighten them out. Willie recalled seeing some “rough cats” come to his dad for help over the years.

In closing, Willie said, “So, I grew up seeing that and seeing a real authentic person.”