‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Shows Off Massive Caribou from Successful Alaska Hunt

by Keeli Parkey

Fans of the reality television series “Duck Dynasty” are well aware that hunting is something Willie Robertson and his fellow family members love to do.

While they are most famous for hunting ducks and other prey in their native state of Louisiana, they do occasionally travel out of the state and hunt different game animals. That is exactly what the 49-year-old Willie Robertson recently decided to do.

And based on a photo he recently shared on social media, his trip outside of Louisiana was a very big success.

On Monday, Oct. 4, the “Duck Dynasty” star shared details about his latest hunting trip. “Took a trip up north…WAY NORTH,” the husband of Korie Robertson and father of Sadie Robertson posted on Instagram.

By “WAY NORTH,” the reality star meant Alaska. And by traveling to that beautiful state, Willie Robertson made a dream of his come true. “ALASKA has always been on our list of places to hunt and this season we made it happen!” he also said in his Instagram post.

You can check out “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson’s social media post about his caribou hunting trip in Alaska below.

Animal He Bagged in Alaska ‘Is Such a Beautiful’ Creature ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Said

So, what did the “Duck Dynasty” star decide to hunt while in Alaska? That big game animal was caribou. And, judging by one of the photos he shared on social media, the animal he harvested put the big in big game. Of course, Robertson was very happy to have come into contact with such an impressive animal.

“Caribou is such a beautiful yet prehistoric looking animal and very tender if we might add!” he also posted on Instagram.

The reality television star also promised that fans should expect more from his hunting trip to Alaska. “More to come! Stay tuned!” he also shared.

Needless to say, Instagram followers of Willie Robertson were impressed with the very large caribou he bagged during his recent hunting trip in Alaska. They shared their thoughts by commenting on his Instagram post.

One fan perfectly summed up Robertson’s success in just a few words. “Holy crap. Amazing!” this fan shared. “Totally cool! Congrats!!” another posted.

Also, as fans of “Duck Dynasty” are aware, Willie Robertson is a man who has to find ways to split his time between his responsibilities at Duck Commander and to his family with his live of the outdoors and having fun.

In late September 2021, his wife, Korie Robertson, perfectly summed up how her husband spends his time. According to what she also posted on Instagram, Korie was happy to see Willie go from the great outdoors to a formal event.

“The BEST wedding date. From the wilderness to a wedding in a day! Love my man!!” the 47-year-old Korie shared along with a photo of her with Willie all dressed up for the wedding. She also shared a photo of Willie in hunting clothes.