‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Details ‘Disruption, Fear, and Uncertainty’ During TN Tornado at Her Family Farm

by Quentin Blount

A string of tornadoes has left a trail of devastation across six states. One of those is Tennessee, where the Duck Dynasty family owns a farm.

If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, then you may recall that Missy Robertson is the wife of Jase Robertson. Jase, of course, is a popular television personality, businessman, and professional duck hunter. He’s without a doubt best known for his work on the A&E show Duck Dynasty, which ran from 2012-2017. The couple lives happily in West Monroe, Louisiana with their three children: Reed, Cole, and Mia.

However, the Robertson family also owns a farm in middle Tennessee. And they were there over the weekend as a terrifying tornado made its way across the property. She recently opened up about the events on her official Instagram account.

“4:15 AM: ‘Mom, I think we need to get to the vault’. Not exactly something you dream of hearing from your grown son, new dad, responsible husband,” she wrote. “What was meant to be a fun, hunting, sleepover night on our middle Tennessee farm with family and friends turned into disruption, fear, and uncertainty. Waiting it out while watching it unfold on our phones was heart-wrenching.”

Robertson detailed following the news on her phone of several other tornadoes in the country. She couldn’t help but to be thankful that her family had a protective vault for her and her family to hide out in until the storm had subsided.

“Knowing that over 50 lives were already lost, hearing the waves of rumble outside, and watching this piece of preciousness sleep peacefully was both terrifying and reassuring,” the Duck Dynasty star continued. “We were fortunate to have a safe room where 7 adults and a newborn hunkered in for safety last night. As a mom of 4 grown children and a 2 and 1/2 week old grandchild, I rested in the confidence of an all-knowing God, a God who loves each of His children equally.”

Fans Thankful ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Are Okay Following Deadly Tornado

The tornadoes that touched down over the weekend most definitely caused a lot of destruction. But Missy Roberston and her family, including her newborn grandchild, were able to make it out with no injuries. That was reason enough for Duck Dynasty fans to be thankful.

“Thankful you are all okay,” one fan said. “Praying for those who are mourning.”

“We live in middle Tennesee and it was about that time that things got very scary very fast!” another person commented. “Just super thankful God was watching over us.”

“So many lives lost in Ky as well thankful we are all safe and praying for the loss of life, loved ones, memories, and homes! It was crazy how much was taken last night. Glad you all are safe!”