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‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Defends Controversial Kirk Cameron, Missy Robertson Book Reading

by Joe Rutland
phil robertson photo
(Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame is coming out in defense of a book reading done by Kirk Cameron and Missy Robertson. Phil took to Instagram, where he spoke out about the event.

“The evil one was out to scheme and disrupt when Missy Robertson and Kirk Cameron did a public library reading for kids,” Robertson wrote. “Kirk’s book is about love, joy, and gentleness, and Missy’s is about family and unconditional love, for crying out loud!”

“But you know who else was there while the evil one prowled? Jesus,” he said. “I want y’all to listen to what happened at this event and spread the word. Missy tells the whole story on episode 644 of our Unashamed podcast. Watch on YouTube or listen to the episode, and then get out there and support these events. Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’—Matthew 19:14”.

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In the comments section, there appears to be a lot of support for what Cameron and Robertson were doing at this event. One person wrote, “We need so much more of this immediately!!” Another person added, “The ‘greater’ the darkness, the brighter His light will continue to shine through us. This is so encouraging!” This person offered up a general comment. “Yes it’s time for us Christians to get MAD”.

Phil Robertson Took A Moment To Wish His Wife A Happy Valentine’s Day

In other Phil Robertson-related news, he took time out on Valentine’s Day to pay homage to his special valentine, his wife, Miss Kay. “Miss Kay, you’re the greatest woman on planet earth,” he said in an Instagram post. “I’m glad I ran up on you in high school. Now, it’s been a series of about 60 years of Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.” Kay and Phil were high school sweethearts. Phil started courting her when he was about 18 in 1964. They got married after two years of dating.

Back on Veteran’s Day last year, Phil shared a powerful message for those veterans who follow him on social media. “To all you veterans that protect us, I appreciate it. Big time,” Robertson said. “Bibles and guns.” For Robertson, his faith and family mean a whole lot to him. Along with them go with his own set of values, which are based on biblical wisdom.

Meanwhile, Robertson has called on Americans to make “one big change” in their lives. According to him, the biggest problem in the United States is people losing faith and not reading the word of God.