‘Duck Dynasty’: Missy Roberston Poses with Her Reluctant ‘Wedding Date’ in Sweet Photo

by Amy Myers

Lately, the Duck Dynasty stars have been honored guests at many weddings, and this includes Missy and Jase Roberston. Earlier today, the couple shared a sweet moment together posing for a picture during the nuptials.

In the caption, the Duck Dynasty star remarked on just how rare of an occasion it was to be at a wedding with Jase. But, since this was a particularly special person to them both, they were more than happy to attend.

“Everyone else: ‘My forever wedding date,'” she wrote. “Me: ‘My super rare—must be a close family member—are you sure I have to go—oh, it’s Lulu’s daughter?—yeah I’ll go…wedding date.'”

In the photo, Jase opted for a more comfortable attire, consisting of a sweatshirt, ballcap and sunglasses. Meanwhile, his Duck Dynasty wife stunned followers in a maroon gown and black cardigan.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Hilarious Date Night Ritual

While the Duck Dynasty parents would likely love to go out on dates more often, as for so many, life tends to get in the way. Every now and then, though, Jase and Missy find a moment when they can get away for a candlelight dinner at a restaurant.

Following their most recent “night out,” Missy commemorated the experience with a photo and a story that captured the essence of their comical yet always loving relationship.

“A night out. It doesn’t happen as often anymore, but one ritual remains,” the Duck Dynasty star shared. According to Missy, date night doesn’t truly begin until her husband begins shuffling around in his truck to make room for his betrothed. If only there weren’t so many darn bullet casings in the way.

The interaction goes a little something like this: “Hold on a sec, Babe. Let me grab that gun. I’ll move that bag into the house. And I’ll throw that hat in the back seat. Just kick those shells out of your way. I’ll wipe that seat down for you.”

“Can we just go in my car?” Missy asks. “No, I like my truck,” Jase insists.

Following her recap of the comical conversation, Missy added, “I just like being with him. May I never take these rare nights for granted.”

While it would, of course, be easier for the couple to jump in Missy’s car, the Duck Dynasty wife knows just how much Jase’s truck means to him. So, despite having to shuffle around the dirt and firearms, she appreciates the moment because it demonstrates the qualities that she admires so much about her husband.