‘Dukes of Hazzard’: How Stars Remembered Crew Going on to Better Things

by Chase Thomas

You won’t find many shows as iconic as the Dukes Of Hazzard was back in the day. One of thing tell-tale signs of the show’s success was what everyone went on to do after. If things work out on a particular program, that usually means better things for the folks involved and more consistent work and projects and the like. Well, those Dukes of Hazzard stars reflected on how the crew went to better things after the program wrapped up.

“The extras became the script girls and costume people and everybody moved up in our show,” Catherine Bach said in the Season 3 special feature interview. It was a family affair and it was important to the cast that the crew also get taken care of as well. “All of our stunt people went onto big successful careers,” she added. “I mean everyone did so well from that show.”

It was not just the on-screen success for the folks you saw on television, those off-screen also benefited in a major way.

Catherine Bach on ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’

Bach spoke with Fox News about a number of points. Including the legacy of the show. She said, “It’s just wild. I’m just so proud of this legacy. We’ve managed to entertain people after all this time. And now it’s a hit on Amazon. It’s just wonderful. This is what the show was about — entertaining people. I’ve done a lot of different things since that show, but this part somehow continues to connect with people.”

She mentioned how it became a hit once again on Amazon. It still connects with folks today she has learned.

She continued, “It just makes me proud. And I just love meeting the fans. … We just want to take ‘Dukes’ on the road for them. … Because of that show, I’ve not only managed to meet fans but their kids too. It’s crazy… It’s a history we all share together.

In regards to how Bach got the role, she said, “That’s still a mystery… I had just done a one-woman show that was well received. That resulted in an offer to do movies of the week with ABC…. It’s funny because around that time, my agency had fired me and I hadn’t gone out in an interview for two years. According to them, I was too exotic looking.” This was a tough position for Bach to find herself in but she kept at it.

She concluded, “I was told, ‘We’re never going to make money off you. Aside from doing a movie here and there, we don’t see a television series in your future. We just don’t see that kind of thing happening. So we’re going to let you go because it’s a lot of work to represent you.’ That’s what initially compelled me to do the one-act play.”

You can watch Dukes Of Hazzard on Amazon Prime.