‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Stars Talked Doing Each Other’s Stunts

by Taylor Cunningham

John Schneider and Tom Wopat had a deal on Dukes of Hazzard.

As they revealed in a reunion interview, none of the actors did their own stunts on the iconic sitcom, except for John and Tom. But because they each had certain phobias, they shared the duties.

John couldn’t swim. So whenever he had a stunt scene in the water, Tom would cover for him. And Tom was afraid of heights. So if he had to film up high, John would step in.

The guys made it clear that they didn’t do the particularly dangerous stunts. But if it was a fight scene, you could bet that either John or Tom was acting it out.

And a fight scene with an alligator was a particularly memorable day for John Schnieder. Because as he claims, he did all the work, and Tom Wopat got at the rewards.

In the show, Luke saves a damsel in distress after she falls into the water. But, of course, John had to jump into the lake for his friend.

“John took care of that for me,” Tom laughed.

“It was so funny,” the Bo actor shared. “So Luke was trying to be good to the girl. The girl falls in. I jump in and save her. And she gets back into the boat and hugs [Tom]. What the heck is that?”

But Tom thought the whole situation played out wonderfully.

“It was perfect,” Tom said. “It made a certain sort of sense to me.”

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Actor Catherine Bach Was the Brains Behind the Iconic Daisy Duke Poster

Remember the iconic Dukes of Hazzard poster that showed Daisy holding a bouquet of flowers while wearing her signature shorts? That was all Catherine Bach’s idea.

As Bach told Fox News, the producers at Warner Bros studio wanted to go in a completely different direction with the image. They wanted her to wear a bikini and oil her body just like all the 1980s pinup girls were doing. But Bach didn’t think that was Daisy Duke’s style.

“I felt like audiences wanted something else,” she remembered. “They wanted an all-American country girl.”

And Catherine Bach wouldn’t back down.

“[The producers] said, ‘If you’re not doing it our way, we’re not paying for it,’” Bach remembered. “I said, ‘No problem, I’ll do it.’ So I took those shorts [and] a little red and white top I made…. I did my own makeup and got some daisies… A friend of mine shot that poster, front start to finish, in an hour.”

Bach’s creation ended up being a huge success. And after selling over 5 million copies, it led to a $1 million insurance policy on her legs. We’d say that Catherine Bach knew what she was talking about.