Dwayne Johnson Casts a Line While Filming on Georgia Ranch

by Joe Rutland

If you know anything about actor Dwayne Johnson, then you know he’s a guy who does love some time with a fishing pole in his hand.

Johnson shared a number of pictures from his Georgia ranch. The mega movie star has trophy fish all over the lake and water areas.

Well, Outsiders, here are some pics he shared on his Instagram account on Saturday.

He writes in the caption, “A great and productive week of filming… ‘YOUNG ROCK’ on our Johnson Ranch in Georgia
And that’s rare because my productions are usually far from peaceful.”

Dwayne Johnson adds, “I raise trophy fish and we have some beautiful horses in our champ stables.
We also have a very confident 8 point buck on property and he thinks he owns it all
He sorta does.”

Dwayne Johnson Mentions Having TV Show’s Production Team on Ranch

The Rock writes, “In all my career I’ve never allowed productions to be filmed on my properties ~ but [Young Rock] continues to be the most surreal experience for me so I was very happy to share it all with my production crew so they can feel the mana and positive energy all around them.

Special shout to my friend Randall Park.
What a talent.”

Young Rock is an NBC series Johnson oversees as he gives viewers an inside look at his life as a young boy and teenager. In case you didn’t know, Dwayne Johnson comes from a family of professional wrestlers. His grandfather was High Priest Peter Maivia and his father was Rocky Johnson. Both wrestled in the World Wide Wrestling Federation for Vince McMahon Sr.

Dwayne Johnson would become “The Rock” as a pro wrestler for World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment, owned by Vince McMahon Jr.

Actor Talks About Whom He Looks Up To The Most In His Life

These days, it’s pretty near impossible for someone who is successful to not have anyone that he or she looks up to in their lives.

So, who does Dwayne Johnson look up to in his life?

He talked about this in a recent Q&A session for Leo about himself. Some insightful moments from the interview were shared by him on his Instagram page along with incredible photos from the outlet.

Who does he look up to as a man?

“Who do I look up to?” Johnson begins in his caption. “To be honest, I don’t look up to anyone anymore.”

Johnson said that he used to look up to his father when he was a kid “but our relationship got complicated as I became a man. Loved him. Just complicated.”