Dwayne Johnson Celebrates Daughter’s Sixth Birthday by Hilariously Letting Her Draw on His Face

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DJ)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shares a hilarious video of his daughter drawing on his face. Talk about a fun birthday surprise!

In addition to being the “People’s Champion,” Dwayne Johnson is a dad. Although his schedule is always busy, he takes time out to celebrate what matters most: his family. Johnson’s daughter Jazzy turns 6 years old day, and they are celebrating in style.

In a hilarious Instagram video, Dwayne Johnson posts a clip of Jazzy drawing on his face. Using a green marker, Jazzy laughs as she draws eyeballs on his forehead. At this point, “The Rock” is covered in funny lines and shapes.

Along with the cute video, Johnson writes a sweet message to his daughter.

“I’m proud of you, I got your back and as your father, I’ll always be here to help guide thru life with my hearts and hands” he says. He adds that he will be flying home tonight to tuck Jazzy into bed.

The video is well over 20,000 comments so far, all gushing over the adorable video. Friends like Camila McConaughey and Kevin McCarthy are sending the six-year-old their birthday wishes.

“Happy Birthday!!! Love this photo!” McCarthy writes.

“Happy birthday! I love how certain she grabs your head like I am working here…” Camila McConaughey adds.

Let’s all eat some birthday cake for Jazzy today, shall we?

Dwayne Johnson Receives “People’s Champion Award”

Last week, Dwayne Johnson was given the “People’s Champion Award” at the People’s Choice Awards. Praised for his kindness and humility, “The Rock” gave a touching six-minute speech. Instead of keeping the award for himself, he gave it to a Make-a-Wish Foundation recipient in the audience.

“I met her earlier. I told her how inspired I was by her story. She is a survivor. [She] has fought literally for her life,” Johnson said. “She has inspired her family, her friends, now you guys here, now the world that is watching.”

The teen girl was just as surprised as viewers to receive Johnson’s award. For her, this moment was a dream come true. Sharing the stage with Johnson meant the world to her.

“This is crazy,” she said. “Thank you so much to you and to Make-a-Wish.”

After calling her “the people’s champion,” Dwayne Johnson ended his speech with some final words from his friend and boxing mentor Muhammad Ali.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for the room you have here on earth. It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”

These are words we should all live by. We cannot wait to see how Johnson’s kindness continues to inspire others.